Thank you all for allowing me to be part of this wonderful blog and to share my work and thoughts. With this being my first post, I’ll share a little about myself:

My pen name is Ella Dominguez and I’m a 40 something full-time mom and wife, as well as a respiratory therapist (but soon to be full-time writer!). I’ve always had the inclination to write, even at a very young age. However, it wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I decided to take the leap into independent publishing. It’s been such a relief and blessing to find an outlet for all my wickedly vivid and overly-active imagination. More than that, I’m thrilled that people actually enjoy my work. I’m an author of BDSM, contemporary romance, erotic and paranormal novels and novellas. In other words: I write naughty stuff.

I enjoy a great many things, including meeting new people and learning what their reading likes are, so please feel free to share any good books you may have read because above all else, I’m an avid reader of erotica, thrillers, horror and paranormal.

Speaking of paranormal… I’ve decided to write a serial exclusively for this blog with a new installment on each of my scheduled days, which is the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. I hope you all enjoy it. *Please note that this is a work in progress and the final version may vary.

Please leave your comments and thoughts.



Episode 1

“I’m all for sharing, but don’t get greedy.”

Madeleine put her small hands up and pushed against Anton’s broad, solid shoulders until his teeth disengaged from the soft flesh above her collar bone. A pop, a slurp and the sting of his bite followed as he wiped his blood-soaked lips and glared down at her, still hungry for more. She quickly looked away from his pitch black eyes. If she dared to stare into them for too long, she might be tempted to allow him to take more than she could afford to give. But that was the least of her worries. Being the human partner of a vampire, dangers untold waited around every corner, including his enemies who were all too eager to exact their revenge on him in the form of turning her, or worse, torturing and killing her.

Anton’s eyes dilated back to their normal subtle sexiness as he watched her clean her fresh wound. She glanced up to see him run his long fingers through his overgrown, dark-blonde hair and slick his tongue across his top lip, then over his teeth as not to waste even one drop of her precious gift. Oh, that tongue and the things he could do with it. Hell, she even loved his teeth deep in her flesh, but it was his venom she feared, not his bite.

One corner of his mouth curved upward into a wicked grin. “You’re so easily readable, Maddy. Are you sure you don’t want to give me just a little more?” his growled in his deepest baritone voice.

He stalked closer to her, so close she could smell his uniquely masculine scent of pink pepper and the heat of incense with an undercurrent of blood. It was smell she had grown to love and crave more than life itself.

In her best unaffected tone, she waved her hand in dismissal. “Shouldn’t you be out hunting prey or something?”

Anton’s mouth twitched with agitation. He was just as easily readable, too.

You’re my prey….” his irises darkened again. “And it’s a good thing I like fucking you or else I’d simply drain you.”

Maddy smiled demurely and reached her hands under her sheer white dress, hiking it over her curvy hips so he could see her pink labia peeking out at him. “Yes, I guess I’m lucky you like what’s between my legs better than what’s coursing through my veins.”

Anton’s dark-blue eyes closed and he inhaled deeply. “I love the smell of your cunt.” His eyes popped open and he brusquely hauled her into his embrace, wrapping one arm around her waist and plunging two fingers into her sex causing her to moan out and pant uncontrollably. He pumped his fingers several times and then pulled them out only to lick her juices off. “And the taste, But I never said I liked it better than the taste of your blood.”

Anton was all talk. She knew he would never harm her. Or turn her.  He was good, despite his title of ‘blood sucker.’ As the third in command of the Obsidian Minority, a splinter cell of the strongest vampires in the region who vowed to protect all vampires’ way of life, it was his job to fight against the real forces of evil – the bloodthirsty killers who murdered at random and without discrimination or care for their fellow vampirekind.

There might have been a time in her life when she wanted to be like him… back when he first set his sights on her and everything about his life seemed mystical and erotic; but not anymore. She had seen enough to know that she didn’t want the kind of life he and his clan led – a life of murdering, cruelty, revenge and blood… so much blood.

She also knew that he would protect her with his life. As his lips crushed hers and his tongue swirled inside her mouth and danced with hers, she wondered how many other human women he had taken under his wing in his 172 year lifespan. Did he turn any of them? Did he love them? Would he still love her when she was old?

“Yes,” he whispered into her mouth as he gently pulled away, leaving the faint taste of her own blood in her mouth. Running his fingers through her short, onyx-colored hair, he pushed it from her eyes. “I loved them all, but I love you the most and…” he paused to bore his gaze into her, an undeniable flame of desire lighting up his otherwise black eyes. “I’ll love you until your last dying breath.”

She had no idea if he was telling her the truth or just she what she wanted to hear, but she didn’t give a damn. He had said it and that was all that mattered. In her clouded and lusty state, she had unintentionally let her defenses down. She could feel him in her head, swimming around, doing the backstroke through her thoughts and desires as if he belonged there. It was maddening. She immediately shut him down and put up her invisible wall.

“Don’t be like that,” he kissed the corner of her mouth and worked his way over to her earlobe.

She smiled against his cheek. Hot damn, what a rush.

Casually, he worked his way back to the still fresh puncture site. She felt the sting once again and she tipped her head to the side when she heard, “Just a little more, Butterfly…”


Anton couldn’t resist the salty temptation of Maddy’s life force. He pressed his lips against her neck and sucked until his mouth filled with the warm, pulsating essence from within her. She moaned and clutched his biceps, causing his cock to harden. Wrapping his fingers deep into her tresses, he pulled her head back to gain better access.

His senses piqued when Maddy’s defenses faltered again. He probed her mind until he found what he was looking for – the fond memories of her childhood, parents and siblings. She was loved and he felt loved when he was surrounded by her thoughts. Inside her head, he was home. The memories of his childhood were so far gone, only the occasional flash of his mother’s serene face or her embrace still lingered. It was too long ago…

He swallowed and applied more suction to her supple soft spot. Just one more drink…

Maddy’s body shuddered and she whispered barely audible as she feebly tried to push him away, “Anton, stop…”

He couldn’t stop. Not just yet. “Don’t deny me,” he purred before sinking his teeth into her yet again, drinking until he felt dizzy with arousal.

God damn, she tasted good.  It would be so easy for him to turn her and make her his forever. He tugged her close as the notion almost overcame him. Should he? No… her blood would never taste the same. Vampire blood wasn’t nearly as sweet and tangy as that of a human’s. Or warm. Vampire blood satisfied his hunger, yes, but not his lust.

When he felt her body wane, he forced himself to withdraw from her. Peering down, her violet eyes were languid and her normally rosy-pink cheeks, pale. He had taken too much. He scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the bed where he laid her out and reached for the first aid kit on her night stand.  Dipping his finger under his tongue, he secreted the smallest amount of venom and rubbed it onto her oozing wound to help with the healing process. It no sooner began to work its magic when Maddy’s eyes flickered open and dilated. The drugging effect it had on her and the elation on her face made Anton smile.

Gathering a bit of gauze and tape, he patched up the already clotted bite marks and kissed the top of her hand. Lying next to her, he watched her closely until the color in her cheeks returned.

“You’re a naughty, greedy boy,” she touched his mouth.

“Indeed, I am,” he agreed and he would show her just how naughty he really was.

Moving between her legs, he lifted the summer dress up and over her head, and then removed his clothing, amused at the way she watched his slow paced movements. Easing his lengthy, thick shaft into her, her heat rocked his system. He would never get used to her fiery pussy and the effect it had on him. He threw his head back when he sunk balls deep into her knowing he wouldn’t last long. This was just another reason he would never make her one of his kind – her warmth.

Before returning to his hunting grounds, he left Maddy with a kiss on her forehead and a warning: always be vigilant. Times were dangerous and his enemies ever present and waiting to take the one thing in the world that meant the most to him: his Butterfly.