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Eva2Hi everyone,

Where I live, the weather is getting awfully warm already and though the wind is blowing a little bit, it’s still quite a nice time to be out hiking. Mostly because the snakes don’t come out till June!

I often hike with a writing buddy and we talk about plot issues or blogging or we get down and dirty with the sexual particulars! Last time, we discussed DP. What’s DP? Double penetration!

Yeah, you already knew that. Or if you didn’t, you secretly wanted to know. What’s involved is a M/F/M menage where one guy enters her from the front, and the other guy uses her “rear entrance” at the same time. It’s hot. It’s explicit. It’s what some readers expect.

I’ve read some really well done ones and I’ve read some that made me cross my legs!

Perfect-Ride-200x300What prompted this was reading reviews on a cowboy book on Amazon (by another author) and trying to zero in on the type of sex scenes I’d probably write for Book III of the Ridden Hard series. The reviewers complained because the book they’d read by the other author contained M/M action and M/F action but no M/F/M action – in other words, no threesome.

Now, Book I in Ridden Hard was M/M and Book II – which I’m currently editing with Shiloh Saddler – is a M/F. I sort of figured Book III would be M/F/M – two guys who aren’t gay sharing one girl. So, my question was, how do you satisfy readers who WANT a menage scene when the guys aren’t gay? Double penetration to the rescue!

I know I’ll be writing this soonish… If anybody has suggestions on good DP books, please leave me a comment. I’d love to do some more *ahem* research on the subject.

In the meantime, here’s a hiking photo to make you wonder what else might be lurking in my noggin!