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aaasorcha_finalSigWhat?! I know. I know. It’s only April. But such is the life of a writer. Our seasons are all eff’d up since we have to write seasonal books well before the actual season they will be published in. So, for the first time I am going to be putting out a holiday themed story. I know. It’s not my usual style, but I really wanted to write a holiday story for my One Night With A Cowboy series. So I am.

The details will come out later with regard to when it will be available, etc. But in the mean time I thought I’d give you a little taste of what I’m working on. Who wants a little Christmas in April? Come on. I can’t hear you!

Awesome! Here you go along with a little side helping of manspiration. Cause, we all need a little assistance getting into the holiday mood. Am I right?

Here’s the scene. It’s a few days before Christmas and Melissa is working the bar she manages when her old high school sweetheart wanders in. It’s closing time and she’s kicked everyone out.


SSSSexySantaA minute later it was just her and Ford left in the empty bar. The jukebox kicked on the next song and Janna Krammer’s Why Ya’ Wanna blasted over the speaker system. Mel’s cheeks heated up, but she turned around and worked on wiping down the back bar.

“Mel.” Ford’s warm bass carried across the small space and caressed her skin.

“What do you want, Ford?” She threw down her rag and braced her hands against the bar top. “What do you want from me? Why are you here?”

“Do you still think about me the way I think about you?” His gaze held a glimmer of vulnerability as he reached up and pulled the brim of his cap down low on his forehead.

Janna sang the very words on Mel’s mind. Why ya’ wanna, make me keep wanting you?

The silence drew out as she stared hard at the oak bar top and tried to form a response that didn’t include either crawling across the bar and tackling him or slapping him so hard he landed on his well formed ass. At the moment it was a toss up which one she’d go with.

“No.” Because there was no way he thought of her with the desire and need she still had for him. After almost ten years she must have faded into a sweet memory of his youth and not the lust fueled fantasy that haunted both dreams and fantasy.

“Really? Not even an occasional ‘what if’ thought? What if I hadn’t broken it off with you? What if I hadn’t gone away to college? Maybe, what if I had asked you to marry me?” His deep warm voice tormented her with every scenario she’d concocted everyday since the day he’d called and broken it off with her. Then her mom had died and she had nothing left after she worried about the next day’s survival.

“Wow. You must think a lot of yourself to believe I’ve had time in the last ten years to moon over you.” She walked to the other end of the bar and started flipping off the lights illuminating the bottles, the glassware, and even the coolers.

“What if I told you I jerk off at least four nights a week to memories of you?”

“I’d say you need to get laid.” She slid out from behind the bar and started sweeping the floor. Of all the places in Austin, Ford Grayson had to come walking into the Silo and sit down? Why couldn’t he go away? And damn it, why was this song still on?


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