Life Changes

If you would have asked me two years ago what I would be doing in 2014, my answer wouldn’t have been taking a break from respiratory therapy and writing erotica. It’s hard to believe that’s where my path has taken me, but alas, here I am, officially ‘jobless’ and relying solely on my imagination (and readers!) for a paycheck. It’s exciting. It’s exhilarating. And yes, it’s frightening and nerve wracking to think about.

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful support system to help me achieve my goal, including my husband, daughter, mother and coworkers whom I’m going to miss dearly, but fortunately I live in a time of mass social media (for better or worse) which will allow me to stay in touch with the people who have made my world a better place. In honor of all the people who have afforded me the possibility to spend more time with my family by working at home, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you, from the very deepest part of my heart.

As my way of showing my gratitude, I’m offering my novel Becoming Sir for free for the next few weeks on Smashwords. I hope you enjoy it!



Sawyer’s story from The Art of D/s trilogy. Can be read as a stand alone novel or as a companion to The Art of D/s Trilogy.

Warning: Contains detailed sexual encounters, BDSM themes, oral, anal, ménage, F/F and profanity. Not for the closed-minded, prudish, sexually inhibited, easily offended, or faint-hearted.

Reliable, trustworthy, loyal to a fault – Sawyer is the kind of man other men want to be; a real man’s man. But behind the facade of a his tough exterior and deadly silence hides a strong, tortured man with dark secrets. Always content to be in the shadows, now is the time of his sexual awakening. 

When Sawyer realized that there were women who unabashedly wanted to be dominated and controlled, and there was a world that embraced such things as domination and submission – everything seemed to fall into place. Tired of pretending to be someone he wasn’t and suppressing his dominant tendencies, he takes the leap into the world of BDSM under the guidance of his friend and mentor, never to look back.

But the dark past and his heinous actions are hard to forget and even more difficult to leave behind. Will he be able to move forward and become the man he yearns to be? 

This is Sawyer’s journey into becoming Dominant, Master, Sir.

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My next post will include Episode2 of Taming His Thirst.