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 I sometimes search the net for writing tips, some articles I find are helpful and others are more questionable. Recently I read a definition of writing a sex scene as the description of putting tab A in to slot B. I had both seen and heard the phrase before and its effect remained the same.
I don’t recall where I first saw the expression, but I do recall the sadness the phrase evoked in me. There was no reflection of the robust joy of sex in a statement offering not even a hint of the chance of pleasure. To me it seemed like describing the whole world as utilitarian grey, bland, dull, with not a hope of anything but depressing and base functionality.
I wanted to yell but it’s not like that.
I enjoy writing sensual sex scenes and the deeper I can get into them the better. I don’t mind if my characters make it sweaty and sizzling or tender and sweet, but I do mind if they don’t have a darn good time.
Now, I can hear you asking, ‘How does all this tie in with the title of this piece, or are you just a total tease, Daisy?’
It ties in with the word touch and a chapter I wrote recently that a friend looked at for me. I seemed to have had a mental block to everything but the word touch. I used the word something like twenty times in the piece, much to my friend’s amusement. Of course, all writers fall into the trap of repeats now and then, but this was OTT. Therefore, I spent a little time looking up alternatives to the word touch, concentrating on hands to body rather than anything else.
I thought that perhaps my list might be of some use to those who work and spend many hours in the effort to create in words the true magic of passion involved in the art of lovemaking.

Touch = caress, stroke, feel, pat, finger, handle, fondle, rub, pet, tap, manipulate, knead, maul, press, rub down, dab, hug, cuddle, tweak, squeeze, pinch, nip, grip, compress, crush, smooth, tickle, brush, hold close, encircle, clinch, wrap, embrace, enfold, clasp, grasp, clutch, seize, grab, hang on, hold….

I am not sure I got all the possible words I could have used instead of touch. If you know more please add them below in the comments, I would love to extend my list.

And as a little snippet based on touch I’ve added this little bit from my story Timeless for you.


The heat of his mouth left hers. He sucked hard and deeply at her neck. More of her needy whimpers echoed around them.
“I’m sorry about last time,” he said sliding his thigh higher between hers. “Say you’ll stay with me?” he asked, then skimmed up her outer thigh with his palm and cupped her buttock beneath her skirt. “I need you. I want to hear you moan.”
Tormenting her, he slid his fingers over the drenched silk underwear between her thighs, and her knees buckled. “Yes… Tonight.” To stop herself falling, she clutched him tight. He soothed her clitoris, sizzling inside the hot wet silk, caressed it with his forefinger, and a gasp escaped her as his palm moved onto her hip.
“I’m not waiting until tonight, my darling. I need you now.”

Thanks for reading.
Daisy Banks