sssJocelynIs Paranormal Romance Out?

I recently saw someone tweet about Paranormal being out. I was distressed at first–WHAAAAA!!! (͡๏̯͡๏)–but thought, “Eh, what does she know?” Then I went on writing my paranormal stories as usual and forgot all about the comment.

A few days later, one of the “big” publishers was taking questions from authors on Twitter. I again saw someone mention paranormal being out. I replied with something akin to, “What? No! The hell you say!”

One of the editors responded, “ALWAYS write what you love, but as far as acquisitions go, right now, paranormal isn’t so hot!”

That made me SAD! How can the genre I love to read and love to write be “not so hot”?ilovepnr Is that woman high? Does she have PMS? How could she say that? Boo, Hiss!

If that wasn’t bad enough, I followed  #tenqueries on Twitter two days ago. A couple of the agents were saying basically the same thing. “Paranormal Rom: As the genre is currently almost impossible to sell, this just isn’t good enough. Pass

Anyway, I have three paranormal manuscripts underway right now and whether it’s true or not that paranormal is on the down-slope, I’ll continue writing that genre because I do love it. I also believe others still love it. It simply can NOT just be me.

Besides, they say things are cyclical in the publishing world, so it’ll come back around. (But I’m still not convinced it’s “not so hot” right now. Have you seen all the new paranormal releases from various publishers?)

What do you think? Is paranormal romance out or do you still love it?