sssEmilyFor the past couple weeks, and for the next few months, I’ve been working on something very exciting with several other authors. I can’t tell you what, yet, but I will tell you soon. Right now we’re at the cover art stage, and I am living the reality of different definitions of sexy…and this is just a single visual thing under consideration, not taking into account the subject’s voice, personality, or – because we all know this is important, right? – sexual style.

Also, chest only. Three different models – two photographed from their broad, muscular shoulders down to their six packs, and one photographed from the jaw down to his six pack. One woman in the group is turned off because she thinks the one model looks too young (and young doesn’t do it for her). Another is turned off because she thinks the second model looks too aggressive and bodybuilder-ish. Some like the partial face shot, while others think the model’s head posture gives an off-putting message.

But this isn’t supposed to be a blog about a conflict in cover art decisions. 😉 I brought this experience up because it reminds me just how important the viewer is to the ultimate definition of “sexy”, and because I’m realizing “sexy” can’t be defined by one single trait, or moment or time, or whisper in the ear (even though those individual things can certainly be sexy).

And I brought it up because I’m in need of some visual inspiration, with all the projects I’m currently juggling…so I’m here to ask you to share your sexy inspiration with me in comments. I know you’re all hanging out on Pinterest, anyway, so c’mon and bring the bare-chested, sultry-eyed, sensually-pouty-mouthed pix.

Oh, and cowboys or rodeo guys are TOTALLY welcome, in celebration of the recent deal I made to write two erotic contemporary western novels for Carina Press. 😉