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sssLeighWriting comes along slowly yet steadily, but with summer vacation approaching I look forward to reading more, too. I find it’s easier to read when more people are home. I’m about halfway to my goal of 125 books for the year, and eleven of those will be the ARe Bad Boys novellas that came out this month.

So far I’ve finished five of them – each Bad Boy story follows the theme – natch – of a bad boy hero tamed by a good girl. Here’s a brief rundown of what I’ve added to my Read list:

Screwed by Sam Crescent: Rough and raw story for motorcycle club romance fans, especially those who like full-figured heroines.

Ridin' Her Rough_500x750Belle and Valentine by Tressie Lockwood: Woman returns to hometown to start over and reunites with the local bad boy. Hot story for fans of interracial romance.

Ridin’ Her Rough by Jenika Snow: Very raw and explicit read, not for the faint of heart. I liked how Delilah toughens up toward the end.

Bad Blood by Shannon West: A dark and gripping story. Good for M/M fans who enjoy it rough.

The Fighter’s Secretary by Ann Mayburn: Great sexy fun. The BDSM aspect is not as prominent as I’d expected; the kink is mild but very well-written.

Have you read any of the Bad Boys yet?