Sea, sun and something to lift my mood.


wet guy

Some of you will know the last few weeks have been a bit hard for me and I thought I’d offer something that would lift my mood. As it is supposed to be summer here this came to mind.
Please note; as I am writing this little introduction it is lashing down with rain outside and none too warm either. However, summer is a time for sea, sun and in this story: discoveries in love.
Summer romances can be very powerful and this one holds some very happy memories for me from when I wrote the story. I hope you enjoy this little snippet and perhaps it might prompt a summer romance story in your mind. Feel the breeze in your hair, damp sand between your toes, the rills of water sweeping up to your ankles, and as you breathe in salt laden air discover the utterly gorgeous man waiting for you in the shallows.

Teaser from Fiona’s Wish published by Lyrical Press. A Kensington Imprint.

Ronan’s stomach rolled as her widened blue eyes filled with dark suspicion, surprise and fear. The rosy cheeks paled and the color leached from her lips. Now she’d reject him, for sure.
“You’re a man of the sea?” Fiona edged further from him. “I don’t believe in your kind,” she whispered, and a shiver raised gooseflesh on his skin. “I’ve studied the oceans for years and not once found a trace.”
He gazed deep into her eyes, tried to soothe her confusion and anger. “I am what you know me to be. I can be nothing more or less.”
“It’s not possible. How I wish it were,” she said, but her small hand nestled in his. He lifted it and placed a kiss on her upturned palm. A tremble shook her before she snatched her hand away to stare at the place his lips had touched.
His heart swelled, for he would give her all the joy of his love.
“I’m here for you, my woman. You’ve chosen me,” he said.

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New cover for Fiona's Wish


Speechless, he sucked in at the powerful pulse in his loins. The old one had never said a land woman would do this.
Softer than the southern breeze, her breath tickled him, and she curled between his spread thighs. Closing his eyes, he cried out in amazement at the warm wetness of her smooth tongue as she licked him.
Nice?” she asked.
He glanced down and met her mischievous grin. The only sound he could manage came out like the squeaking whimper of a lost seal pup, because she suckled him with the heat of her mouth while she wrapped her tongue around the top of his man flesh.
Ohhh, so beautiful. Burying his fingers through the fine strands of her hair, he held fast in case he might float away.
He panted, sipped at the air in tiny gasps, and couldn’t stop his hips rising to match the steady rhythm she set with her delicious mouth and wonderful firm fingers. He gnawed at his lip trying to hold on, but it was no good, she stripped all control from him.

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