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5 silken sheets


4 sexy lips



A beautiful story about second chances, and it’s a free download. How can you resist?


????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Ten years ago, I turned him down.

One night stands were his norm, and not because he couldn’t have had a relationship if he’d wanted one. He could pretty much have any man he wanted. I walked away because I deserved better.

Now our paths have crossed again. He has the world at his feet. It’s a tempting thought to throw away my lifetime of ideals for a single night with him.

Do I still have the strength to walk away?

Do I even want to?



Genre: contemporary

Tags: culinary/bartenders, reunited, second chance, long distance, businessmen, masturbation, switch/versatile

Word Count: 23,955



It’s that time of year again… * drum roll *

The Goodreads M/M Romance Group has started releasing this year’s crop of new romances, from the massive Love’s Landscapes event. There are going to be even more stories this year. From now until probably September, the hyperactive Group Mods will be publishing new stories every day. All free to download. * happy sigh *

If you enjoy reading M/M romance, and want the chance to stock up your Kindle, and maybe try a whole load of new-to-you authors, this is unmissable!

Today’s review focuses on the first story I’ve read so far, and what a beauty! The Lonely Drop is the name of Nick’s bar / restaurant, where he’s happily making a life for himself. Everything is stable until Kevin walks in. The one that got away, or more accurately, the one that never was.

I break off in shock as I look up to meet the very stunned gaze of a man I never expected to see in Asheville. He’s all wrong here. He’s too shiny, too perfect. He’s too New York or London. What the hell is he doing here?


The attraction between them is as strong as ever, and Nick has to work hard not to succumb to Kevin’s charm.

5142822_sI try to stamp down the hope unfurling in my heart. No. I don’t want Kevin in my life. I don’t need his flirtatious smiles or his friendly hugs, or the temptation when he turns to me and says something like, “Stay. I want you to stay tonight.”


They talk, and catch up on the past ten years, and Nick manages to walk away. What follows, is just delicious. Sexy, hesitant phone calls. Joyful meetings, a whole bucket-load of uncertainty, and then a snowstorm that traps Kevin overnight in Asheville… with no hotel room available.

I loved this story, and strongly recommend it for anyone loving M/M and second chances. It’s poignant, and heartwarming, and utterly sexy – a fantastic excuse to spend an hour curled up with your Kindle.


My only problem is deciding which free story to read next… so many to choose from…


The Lonely Drop can be downloaded from HERE

The other stories, as they are published, can be found HERE.