Oh and also Romantic Times. I was at Romantic Times and it took me a long time to recover.

Mostly because Louisiana and my sinuses did not get along well and driving. It was a LONG drive.

When I got back I had to do revisions on the book I turned in on April 15th. Not a lot of revisions, but enough that it taxed my tired brain.

I also got word from Ellora’s Cave that Mounted Release and Private Release are going into a print book and will be out in December 2014.


So I had to come up with a new title for the two books and a blurb.

My mind drew a blank.

Seriously. I hate coming up with titles.


I also had to finish off my story for an upcoming anthology I’m in which is coming out in August.

It’s just been insanity this last year.

I’m just relieved that summer is coming. It was was a long hard winter.

How do you cope when life gets insane? What do you do to decompress