sssSotiaIf all goes well, while you’re reading these lines, I’m at the beach, enjoying a cold beer and toasting my newly married sister. I’m typing this a little after midnight on Monday, though, while facing a night alone, since hubby is working the night shift.

Knowing we’ll be spending every night apart this week made me remember of the first two years of our relationship, during which I was in Greece and he in Romania and we only spent one weekend a month together.

I remembered our lengthy phone calls (not getting into those right now) and then I remembered writing a phone sex scene (that never saw the light of day). Suddenly, voila! I knew what today’s post should be about!

So, phone sex. For or against? And if you’re up for it, are you all in, really wearing only your fuck-me pumps and favorite pearls like you say you are, or does lying add some of the ‘fan’ to your fantasy (and in truth you have on your granny panties and flannel pajamas)? Have you ever pretended to be masturbating to your lover’s husky voice while in fact playing Spider Solitaire?

Yes, baby. I'm so close. So close--Unf... Just a little more...

Ooh, baby. I’m almost there. So close–Unf… Just a little more…


Or just tell me if you’ve read/written a phone sex scene I should definitely look up.

 Image copyright: evdoha / 123RF Stock Photo