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Last weekend was my town’s annual motorcycle rally. It was an awesome opportunity to people watch. There was the usual county fair-ish freak factor, but that wasn’t why I was there. I was on the hunt for a new biker hero for my next book.

There were the grizzly bikers with the full beards and don’t-fuck-with-me attitudes, the cocky prospects with their bottom rocker patches and bikers chicks of every shape and age. There were teenage biker chicks rocking the bandana crop tops, new mom biker chicks pushing baby strollers (black trimmed with skulls of course), and grandma biker chicks who were every bit as bad ass and their grizzly full bearded partners.

Half way through the day one of my friends leaned over and whispered that she hadn’t found any biker who could hold a candle to my WIP hero, Zag. I gotta say my heart kinda melted at that point. I love the fact that not only was she on the lookout too (she just had a baby two weeks ago!) but more importantly she had fallen every bit in love with my hero as I have. That’s an awesome feeling as a writer and one I hope doesn’t go away.

But never fear! I found a biker who I might loosely base my club president on. He was hot! A bit ginger-y with strawberry blonde hair in a ponytail, a long goatee and eyes that made me wonder what was going on inside his head. Of course he also had that prickly air where you don’t feel comfortable looking at him for long. So no pics :-/ Sorry! Maybe next year.

Because I’ll definitely be going again!

Do you like to people watch to get inspiration? Where are your favorite places to people watch?