It’s all about creativity.

Recently a friend and I were discussing some elements of writing and got on to talking about sex scenes. We swapped ideas of what we thought made a scene powerful or memorable and discussed what neither of us thought worked.

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I recollect saying I always thought the creative use of furniture or soft furnishing in the home setting could help to improve a scene. My friend agreed, and we both talked about the imaginative use of a range of simple day-to-day products that could make a sensual scene zing for readers. Yes, the honey in the kitchen has more than one purpose, the kids will never know how you managed to empty the tube of chocolate sauce, the dining table will polish up easy before breakfast, or dinner, and every home should have a Chamois leather in the shower.
My friend and I discussed simple ideas like these for inclusion in a sex scene. The use of some of these ideas could be reflective of a character’s urgent need, a planned seduction, or a sensual exploration experience in the story, and to my mind, all those elements can mean extra fun for readers.
As my friend and I had met for lunch, we only had a couple of hours and we didn’t develop our conversation to include more in-depth ideas as we didn’t have the time. We did however conclude that much the same as with sexual experiences, when writing sex scenes you get the best out of them by being creative in every way you possibly can.


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