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aaasorcha_finalSigShe knelt waiting in the dark without a clue what to expect. Sure, they’d played progressively kinky games. But tonight had been different. Edgier. More dominant. He’d walked in the house, set down his bag, and turned to her as he’d stripped his tie off. Something hard lurked in his gaze, even as the love she’d always known had clearly shone through.

“Strip.” The single clipped word had startled her as his deep bass resonated through the kitchen.

“What?” Confusion had caused her to hesitate. To question.

“Do it.” Though he’d doubled his word count, she’d recognized that her warm gentle husband had not come home. Instead the controlling lover who brooked no questions had arrived.

She’d all but choked on the required response, “y-yes, Sir.”

He’d slipped his coat off as he stared her down. Waited. Dampened her panties as the taught silence had stretched out. What did he need from her? The willing submissive or the naughty imp who liked to push boundaries? She was both of those women at any given moment. He’d dropped his coat on the floor and she knew then pushing him would be too much. He had already found the edge if he couldn’t be bothered to spare his suit the wrinkles that would come with being lumped on the floor.

She’d reached up and pushed the first button through the small hole on the front of her blouse. Slowly, but with a steadiness that hid her trepidation, she’d bared her pink flesh to the man she had long ago committed herself to. Twenty years of knowing. Of loving. Of caring linked them together. Two decades of trust both earned and given. She’d closed her eyes as she worked the remaining buttons free and slid the blouse from her shoulders. Her skirt had slipped off right behind it, propelled by twitchy hands.

6203645_s_BW“All of it.”

Her eyes had flown open to find his naked chest just inches away. Then she unhooked her lacy bra, slipped it off, and eased her panties off. Naked before him, she’d waited for his next command. Tried not to squeeze her legs together to ease the ache that had grown there until her pelvis throbbed with need. Silent he’d watched her squirm with no expression on his face. The silence had stretched until her nerves frayed, her breathing had grown shallow and raspy, and her limbs had quaked.

“Did you think I wouldn’t learn the truth?”

Panic had threatened to overwhelm her. She’d swayed with the knowledge that he had finally figured out her secret.

The day of reckoning had arrived.

“Bedroom. No lights. on your knees in the usual position.”

She’d scurried away fearful of what the night held and yet relieved that her burden would be lifted finally. And so she sat alone in the dark, kneeling by the bed naked and waited for her judge and jury to come to her.


He’d been shocked when he figured it all out. His sweet wife had long been leading him down this road with gentle nudges and hints. But it wasn’t until he’d found her website that he’d understood. A submissive to the core, she hadn’t discovered the truth about herself until almost ten years ago. That was when she’d begun to blog about her deepest darkest secrets. Anonymously.

Little did she know that he had long repressed his own desires for fear of tainting his sweet wife with his dark needs. As things had heated up over the last few years he had begun to exercise some of his tamer fantasies. Sometimes he’d spank her ass in the heat of the moment or pull her hair by accident. He’d bought her a leather corset, which always brought a wicked smile to her sensual lips when she wore it. Now that he knew, that he understood how deep her needs ran. How closely they complimented his own darkness he refused to hold back.

In the darkness of the bedroom his submissive in waiting knelt for his pleasure. For her pleasure. Tonight their darkest fantasies would be played out and the trust of twenty years would be stretched and strengthened as they revealed the last of themselves to each other.


I hope you enjoyed that ultra short story. I may make this a regular post once a month to keep those creative juices flowing. 🙂