Yes, unutterably shameless, today I am peeling off the covers to reveal: this is release day for my latest book, A Perfect Match.
Forgive me, but I am using my normal blog spot here to promo my story. You see I love this story. Good friends worked with me to craft it. We worked on it like demons, sharing the skills we had. I am very grateful to my friends for their help.

Not only was the working process a great deal of fun, but I love the people in the story. He might be an arrogant individual, but if no one ever said no to you, how do you think you might be? She might be exasperating at times but her motives are solid.
Their world is a scary place. The planet is short on water, ruled by a corrupt government in a one city-state, the populace dependent on the slavery of others to survive. Not the ideal setting for a couple to fall in love but love flourishes everywhere given the chance.
A Temple adept from her 12th birthday she’s not seen outside the precinct. He is a brilliant water diviner and an utter control freak. Why shouldn’t their romance go well?
Their enforced marriage, dictated by the head of their government was meant to bring misery. Thanks however, to the mysteries of fate, this couple discover something rare, precious and compelling. They are one, the Perfect Match.



“Outrageous! It’s not possible. I’m sworn to the gods. He can’t do it.” Anwell babbled to her personal slave. “Raisa, are you certain? Is it a genuine warning?”
“Yes, I fear so, mistress. Before you retire tonight, you will receive a direct command from His Eminence, Lord Chardel. Not even the Mother of the Temple can gainsay such a decree.”
Anwell’s stomach churned. She shook her head until her long earrings rattled. This isn’t true. Her knees wilted and forced her to sit on the edge of her narrow bed. “I can’t think any of the Carnag would allow him to make such an edict.” She laced her fingers together as if in prayer. “Was there no one in the assembly who’d dispute on my behalf?”
Raisa’s eyes gleamed in the low light. The old Netherling sat beside her, clasped her hands, and squeezed hard. “You were not mentioned by name there. It would have made little difference if you had been. All of them are fearful they may lose their place. Lord Chardel becomes more erratic by the day. I’m afraid many will go along with any of his wishes, rather than risk his displeasure. You have no choice, my lady. You cannot refuse the explicit command of the leader of the Carnag. To do so might endanger your life. Your family may suffer, if they attempt to gainsay His Emminence.” Raisa’s dark gaze held hers. “You must obey.”
“But I’ve never even met Commander Varon. Everyone knows arranged marriages were prohibited years ago. They make a mockery of all the Temple encourages.”
“Mistress, it makes no difference.” Raisa spoke quick, so soft and low Anwell strained to hear. “His Eminence believes his views challenged by Commander Varon. There is a history to their relationship. Lord Chardel doesn’t trust the commander, and to defend his rule, he has gifted the hero of the Carnag a youthful, noble wife. You are the commander’s reward for the latest water discovery, and…” Raisa glanced toward the closed door before continuing in a whisper, “Are meant to give the commander the early opportunity to breed with a true-blood Astan female.”
“Breed?” Her heart rhythm raced.
“Yes. You’ll no longer be a member of the Temple or under the charge of its rules of chastity.” Raisa leaned closer, her voice lower still. “I have heard whispers that in private, Lord Chardel is outraged Commander Varon boasts of breeding with his Netherling companion, and worse: the commander has openly encouraged other young members of the Carnag to do the same with theirs. So, to stem what might become a tide of rebellion, as well as counteract the thought of interbreeding, His Eminence is determined to prove Astan females are quite capable of successfully producing healthy offspring.”
“But you know it’s not true,” she said. “Despite all our prayers in the Temple, birthrates have declined to near naught in the last twenty years. Many Astan wives have tried and failed. Some have died in the process.”
Raisa nodded. “But remember, they are all far older than you. Any female who devotes the first twenty-five years of her adulthood to the Temple is bound to be less fertile than one who is in the flush of youth. I say it is only common sense, despite Astan ideals. Commander Varon has openly encouraged all the younger males in the Carnag to experiment with impregnating their pleasure slaves. He says many of the young Netherlings are intelligent therefore they are perfect breeding stock, as they are ready to reproduce early.”
Her icy fingers locked together and shook, along with the rest of her. “What if I don’t breed?”
“We’d better see you do.”
Desperate for divine intervention, she clutched the Temple amulet against her breast. “But I don’t want a child yet, not until my service to the Temple is fulfilled. My life is given to the gods! It is the law.”

Daisy Banks whisks you into a futuristic world, where you might fight for water, or offer up your freedom and become a slave for the promise of enough to drink.
Passion and politics ripple through A Perfect Match where the enmity between the government leader, Lord Chardel and Commander Varon, head of the Astan water acquirement fleet, is at flashpoint. The enforced marriage of Anwell Nastor, a young Temple adept, to Commander Varon, not only breaks Astan religious rules, but could break untried hearts. This cruel ploy meant to silence Varon’s opposition to current circumstances in the city-state brings unexpected results. Through careful manipulation of the news links, Varon and his bride become the city’s most adored couple, but danger shadows their steps.

Join Anwell and Varon as they discover the power of A Perfect Match on their perilous journey in a world full of dangers and political intrigue.

A Perfect Match is available today with Taliesin Publishing.

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Daisy Banks