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aaasorcha_finalSigI’ve seen author’s angst over reader reviews for various reasons. Sometimes it feels like they just didn’t get it, and others it feels like they just didn’t read the damn book. But what always throws me for a loop is when an reader slams a book for too much sex. Huh? Okay, I could see if it was page after page of mind numbing sex that plays out the same way with no emotional connection whatsoever. But, I have to tell you I have read many books that get tagged as having too much sex by reviewers and almost every time I’m totally confused.

First of all, if you picked up an erotic romance, then you should expect a lot of sex. LOL! It’s the nature of the genre. But like any book, in any genre, every scene should count. If the interaction doesn’t move the plot forward or reveal something about a character then it shouldn’t be there…sex or no sex. And, if we can all take a moment to be honest here, readers of erotic romance read the genre because we like reading the sex. I will not go off on to this rant here, but if you want to know what I think on that topic go here.

18784241_sBWSecond, if the problem is the poor quality of the sex–well, really it would be the writing, but you know what I mean–then say that. Because boring sex is WAY different than too much sex. *snicker* Boring sex is just awful to read. I mean, when two people getting skin-to-skin makes you comatose, then the author is doing it wrong. Sometimes authors get so wrapped up in the choreography that they forget about investing the emotion. That’s usually the case when you read a scene that sounds more like instructions from Ikea than sex. 🙂 The other problem can come when authors lack imagination. Let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure Stephen King hasn’t done most of the vile, violent things he’s written about. So, just because we write about hot sex doesn’t mean we are all running around having it. So, you can see how it might be easy to lose the bubble on what’s hot and what’s not? Another problem is over saturation. If an author has written the same thing over and over again…they’re bound to get bored. And once they get bored, you get bored. I’m sure there is a whole host of other possible reasons, but that’s not why we’re here.

Third, if a book feels like there is too much sex in it…it might be time for a genre change. I’m an avid reader and i change genre frequently because that keeps me interested as a reader. Change is good. Don’t be afraid!

Finally, if there’s too much sex…you might be right! Sometimes…every once in a great while…an author over-shoots the mark. They get carried away in the fantasy and forget to give you some plot.

But of course, this is just my opinion. And, well, I like some hot sex in my books. But as a reader, where do you draw the line? How much is too much sex in a book?

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Love Revealed (The Market Series, Book 1)

LR_LGLady Katherine Drummond plays by society’s rules, even after the Ton turns on her. Shunned by her peers, she keeps up appearances by day but allows her true self out in the privacy of The Market. There, in the arms of one man, she comes alive. So much so, she signs a contract to be his for six months. Despite never having seen his face and knowing him only as Sir, she fears losing her heart to the man who breaks through her defenses.

Lord Raymond Tarkenton, the Earl of Heathington, despises being one of the most sought after bachelors of the Ton. He could never ask a woman of his circle to submit to his sexual needs, and a mistress would never be an option. For now, one masked woman at The Market holds his undivided attention. When he realizes that his masked lover and Lady Katherine Drummond are one and the same, he must find a way to convince her that they are bound together by more than the straps at her wrists and the contract they signed. He must reveal himself and his love to her. But will she accept him for more than a sexual escape?

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