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Rachel KenleyAre you like me?  Do you have trouble getting and staying motivated?  And do you get lots of emails that you rarely read from things you signed up for that were a good idea at the time but are now practically spam? Yes?  Oh, good.  I’m glad I’m not alone.  Recently, I opened one of those emails from leadership coach Melissa Macky (and you can see her here on youtube) because the subject line about getting motivated caught my attention.  Her advice is not only very simple to use… it WORKS.  Happy Snoopy Dance.
To pass along what I learned, here is the email I received.
We’ve all been there before. You know WHAT you need to do, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it.You feel… STUCK. ugh.Well, here are seven down-and-dirty, quick-and-easy tricks you can use to GET MOTIVATED, in  no time flat…

…drumroll please…snoopy dance

#1: Rock Out! Grab your headphones and your favorite 8-track tape and turn up the volume. Make sure it’s a song that will really get you pumped up. Move your body – dance!

#2: Move it, buddy! Ever heard the phrase, “Motion creates emotion?” Well, now you have, so do it! Go for a jog, jump on a bike, or just go for a brisk walk and get the blood flowing.

#3: Go Zen! Find a quiet place and meditate. Spend 5 or 10 minutes and completely relax,
focus on your breathing and silence your mind.

#4: Visualize It! What’s your motivating driver? That new sports car? Request a catalog from the 
dealer.  A vacation to Tuscany? Print out a picture from the internet. Now tape it to your wall and
feel the excitement!

#5: Go Public! Want to really get your butt moving? Have your friends hold you accountable. Jump on
Facebook and tell others about your BIG goal. Now update them on your progress once per day.

motivation#6: Zoom Out! Take a second to see the big picture. Doing the mundane, everyday work may stink but if it’s leading you to your BIG goal then it will all be worth it. Stop and think about what you’re working toward.

#7: Get Yer Blood Boilin’! Take a few minutes and write down 10 things that will happen if you DON’T get motivated. (No good, right?!) Now, rip that paper to shreds and write down ONE thing you’re going to do TODAY that will take you in the right direction.


Do you like ’em?  I love #1 and #6. Which are your favorites?  And what else works for you?