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Its all in the Rhythm.

Recently I was chatting with another author and we were discussing sex scenes. Yes, I know I’ve used that line before. I would like to reassure you I don’t spend all my time discussing sex scenes, sometimes I write some too. My friend and I discussed various aspects of how we write to try to create a sensual scene. One aspect I try to concentrate on is the rhythm of the words matching the rhythm in the scene. Not easy and I’m not successful every time but when I am I always think the scene is better.

Here is one little scene from A Perfect Match that I thought worked. A_Perfect_Match-Daisy_Banks-200x320


Varon waved the slaves away as he swept her through the hall. Her heart thumped as they raced straight up to their room. He shoved the door closed behind him, and they fell on each other, wild.
No gentleness now.
The new pearl broaches popped off.
He yanked her gown from her.
She scored her nails across his shoulders as he probed into her mouth with his tongue in a savage parody of the lust-powered act of love. Control gone, she ripped his tunic as she raced to touch his flesh.
They fed on each other, ravaging.
She screamed for him to hurry as he pulled on the wretched condom, and growled in the need to feel him deep inside her.
He backed her toward the nearest wall. She parted her thighs, and he entered with a groan.
“More!” She wanted all of him. Her thighs locked tight round his waist, her weight braced in his arms, her back shoved against the wall, he took her standing. She matched the power of his thrusts. A savage pleasure gripped her. Each move drove her deeper into abandonment. The peak came. Lost to it, she reached up and clutched handfuls of his hair. Every clenched muscle eased as she quivered. A low, grinding yell sounded. “Varon.”
“Yes! I’m going to listen to that all night long.”

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