By the title, it sssEllaseems I as though I might need to be put on meds, but, no. I don’t need medication to make those voices go away. I just need to sit my arse down and WRITE. It’s the best remedy ever. Of course, I’m only speaking for myself.

For many years I just let them roam freely in my psyche, entertaining them with the occasional fantasy of what life would be like outside of my brain. If only I had listened to them decades ago and wrote it all out. I did write some of it, but not nearly enough. I could have written epics, sagas, books the size of encyclopedias… Instead, I ignored them. What a waste of imagination. I’m so thankful that I have the outlet to write now and to share those thoughts with like-minded individuals. I will never be able to put into words the gratefulness that I have for those who have given me a bit of their time and help support my writing addiction.

Some of those voices are more persistent than others. In the case of Art of Redemption vs. Return to Grace Street. My main hero from Grace Street is screaming at me. He’s an impatient man and he demands his story be told, yet I still have a self-imposed publication date for Redemption looming in the not so distant future and I’ve been promising my fans this book for well over a year, so what shall I do? I’ve learned that when my characters speak, I MUST write. And fast. Because if I don’t, those voices eventually die down and it’s hard to get them to come back. They’re temperamental like that.

It seems there are always new ideas popping into my head. Inspiration comes at me from every direction. A snippet of a conversation overheard, an erotic photo, a dark and romantic song… So many ideas, in fact, it seems there aren’t enough minutes in the day to get them all down. Currently I have fifty (yes, 50) books listed under my Goodreads profile and only fourteen of them have been published, while four of them are works in progress. So, you see, it’s a dilemma, really. I would love to know how these big name authors publish so many works in such a short time span without compromising the quality. Currently, I am publishing at the rate of one book about every ninety days. That’s seems sufficiently overwhelming, no? Yet, I know it’s because of my lack of discipline that I can’t surprise that number. I am the Great Procrastinator, after all. I adore, no… I LOVE writing, but taking a nap seems so much more appealing sometimes. Or reading a book. Or cooking. Or breaking out the Magic Wand.  (TMI, I know).

Anyway, the point of this post is to remind myself to stop hem and hawing around and to listen to those voices; to write them when the speak; to give the readers what they crave and what I wholeheartedly can’t live without doing… writing erotica.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Now… back to the typestone.