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aaasorcha_finalSigIf you’re looking for pictures of nipples you can stop here. Thought I’d save you all the trouble. 🙂

Like many writers I am also an avid reader. And of course I read in the genre’s I write. I have noticed of late a certain trend that I find a little funny, I guess. It seems in the last few books, not all by the same author, the hero has been fixated on a particular question until he gets the heroine naked for the first time. At first I didn’t think about it too much, but then it kept popping up over and over again.

Now, let me first say I realize women’s nipples, not unlike the women themselves, come in a rainbow of colors. But, the fixation on nipple color seems a little…detailed. Most men seem to be happy to stick with boob size, roundness of the ass, length of the legs. The usual and very visible attributes on a woman. But, there is this trend suddenly in erotic romance to have them thinking of nipple color.

It’s become so pervasive that it makes me giggle now when I read it. Totally juvenile. I know. Sigh. But, then I freely admit there is a twelve year old boy that lives in my head. I suppose this is where I could post various gratuitous nipple shots, but images on the blog are all in black and white, so we’d lose the effect of showing color ranges. Sorry, guys. That said, there is so much more to nipples than merely the color.

Strictly speaking there is the areola, the flat colored area around the nipple proper. Areolas come in many different sizes and of course, colors. They can be puffy or just mesh right in to the skin. The can be big, as much as a few inches in diameter or tiny like a dime or a penny in diameter.

A separate thing entirely is the nipple, though clearly we often use nipple to refer to both the tip and the areola.  Nipples can be inverted, flat, or protrude. There are all kinds of medical explanations for why a nipple may be one way or the other, but that is not really my focus. Some nipples are flatter and lay closer to the skin. Others protrude a few millimeters, and then of course there is what I’ve heard men call bullet nipples. LOL!

Generally I think men like whatever is right in front of them. Oh, shiny! Oh, nipple! But, you know us girls. We’re all freaked out about this stuff. So, let’s be honest here. Wouldn’t it totally freak you out to imagine the guy you were crushing on was picturing the color of your nipples? What if he imagines one thing and you get naked and he finds something totally different, which is highly likely considering all the possibilities.

The question I have is this, do guys really think about a girl’s nipples? Color? Size? Go forth and ask your men! Inquiring minds want to know!