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aaasorcha_finalSigThere are well over a million words in the English language. But finding a thesaurus that actually offers alternative words has been something of a challenge for me. And that doesn’t even cover slang terms. So, let’s have a conversation about other words for the Penis.

We know some of the more common alternatives found in the various genres of erotic romance:

  • dick
  • cock
  • snake
  • rod
  • member
  • prick
  • staff
  • manhood
  • shaft
  • hard on*
  • erection*

*though these really refer to the state of the appendage in question, not so much the appendage itself

Then there are some of the less sexy, but still common terms:

  • wiener
  • johnson
  • pee pee
  • pecker
  • boner
  • dong
  • tally-whacker
  • peter
  • pole
  • salami
  • sausage
  • peen
  • wang
  • schlong
  • hose

I’m sure there’s more…but, what I really want to know are some of your favorite “purple prose” and slang terms used in lieu of penis.

Love Muscle still cracks me up, not that I’ve seen that in a book. But still, it kills me. 🙂

So, fess up. What are some of your favorite words for the male appendage?