sssSotiaIt’s hot, and I’ve been fighting with file formatting for way too long to come up with something long (ha!) and eloquent.

So I thought I’d go with penises’cause that’s always a safe bet, right? I wanted to name the post Cocks! but this thing links to Facebook, and you may want to convince someone you’re reading medical journals on male anatomy.

Despite their common characteristics and usage, cocks come (hee hee, I’m a twelve year old boy) in varying shapes and sizes. The one I read about the most in fiction is the straight, thick, long one, with the helmet shaped head. Which, okay, is…filling.

But what about the short and thick one, or the long and thin one, or the one with the thick shaft but tiny head, which makes it almost wedge-like, and so much easier to enter inahemtight spots?

I’m kind of partial to the latter, but I’d like to hear your thoughts. Which is your favorite shape? Perfect length? Thick or slim? Straight or curved? How about those thick veins? Have you ever seen one that made you want to run for the hills?

And does size matter to you?