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Eva2Good morning! I am up and sort of awake, and here to tell you about  my most recent works in progress. Not only am I working on a Yeti shifter story for the Silken Sheets & Seduction anthology (shhh, it’s a secret, remember?) I’m also working on two other projects:

  • One where a geeky guy is seduced by two women in an empty movie theater. When I say seduced, I mean hot and heavy, naked, shameless sex that he never saw coming! But two women at the same time has always been one of Ted’s fantasies. The question is, how will he handle it when he finds out what they really want from him?
  • Another shifter story for an upcoming anthology. In this story, the woman is attacked and bitten by a wolf in the park. She doesn’t know she only has a short time before she’ll shift to make sense of her new world. Can the white wolf who saved her from the vicious one really help her through the process? Or will she disregard his offer of stabilizing sex and go it alone no matter how painful the first shift might be?

Both of these stories are very different from each other and from the Yeti. Which goes to show you never know what’s going to strike my brain’s fancy! Here are two excerpts from the works in progress so you can see what’s happening:

two ladies bwTed’s Lesbian Fantasy:

Mystery woman wraps her lips around my bulb, glancing at me from under her lashes to gauge my reaction.

I grip the chair arms, my hips surging up toward that sensuous mouth on automatic pilot. It feels so good the base of my cock is tingling and I know my orgasm is rising. My attention wavers between the sounds coming from the movie screen and the blonde’s hollowed cheeks as she slides up and down my shaft. I’m seconds from shooting when she stops and I let out a long distressed groan. Was this some kind of elaborate tease?

But the woman smiles. “Do you mind if I ride it?”

I pant, staring at her in disbelief. I’ve never, ever been asked that in my life. “Go ahead.”

Her satisfied expression fuels my desire to please her. I want her to ride me, and will do absolutely anything to make it happen.

Shoving my legs together, I scoot to the edge of the seat so she has more room to sit. The seats here are wide but they aren’t long enough to lie down on. I’m shocked at her suggestion but eager at the same time. If she wants me, she can have me, here or there or anywhere. As she straddles me I remember the woman up above and wonder what she’s thinking. But then the mystery woman places my tip at her entrance and begins to slide down.

Several things hit me at once. She’s wet. So wet, I slide in without much friction. In seconds, she’s all the way down. She tosses her head back and moans, smiling. In my peripheral vision I can see the two women on the screen are now licking each other’s pussies. They’re hard at it, their fingers swirling over each other’s clits. I see the thighs of the Asian woman tremble. She lets out a shaky moan and a hoarse shout rips out of me.

woman kneeling bwUntitled Wolf Shifter:

Outside, the two beasts snap at each other and I can’t tell who’s winning. For a few seconds, I’m concerned about leaving the white wolf alone with this killer. Too many questions float through my mind. Where did the other one come from? Why is the brown wolf trying to eat me? What will happen if the white wolf wins? Shaking from enough adrenaline to power a rocket launch, I slide over the console and into the driver’s seat. After three tries I finally jab the key into the ignition. Before I can turn it to start the car, both wolves land on my hood. I cover my face as the windshield disintegrates, filling the cabin with glass.

When I look up, the white wolf’s body is sandwiching the brown one’s to the metal. He looks righteously pissed off, from what I can tell from his profile. He’s growling over the unmoving form of his rival. The veracity of his guttural sound rattles through me and a spark ignites deep in my core. My leg throbs in harmony to the rhythm of his pants. I swallow, tell myself I must be dreaming and stay as still as I can while my teeth chatter. The white animal moves off the other one. I’m left staring at the open jaw and dark brown snout of the creature facing me. Its eyes are closed. Is it…dead? It’s hard for me to imagine the other monster as my savior, but in fact that is exactly what he must be. Nothing about this night makes sense. But my instincts telling me to get the hell out of here do.

And there you have some thriller with your sex for Monday morning. Have a good week!