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aaasorcha_finalSigAs summer draws to a close, instead of mourning sunshine and ity-bity clothing I want to celebrate fall and all it’s sexiness. Here’s my top 10 8 list why fall is sexy:

8. Tall boots with a high heel and a skirt – I love this look. Covered, classy, and sassy = sexy!

7. Walking weather! Fall is the perfect time to go for long walks with your sweetie.

6. Fires. I love sitting by the fire at night with my honey and just watching the flames dance. Very romantic.

5. Colors. Fall colors tend to be deep, rich, and sensual colors. Deep reds, burnt oranges, deep golden yellows, rich chocloatey browns.

4. Ass hugging pants. Fall may call for more clothing than summer, but it doesn’t mean everything is hidden. Form fitting clothes cover and tease all at the same time. What’s not sexy about that?

3. Long tresses blowing in the breeze. I love long hair and fall is a great time to have it. It’s not so cold yet that everything is dry and static-y, so it is a great time to let down your hair and make the guys wish they could run their fingers through your it.

2. Snuggling. Cooler air leads to snuggling. On the couch, in bed, at dinner, wherever the mood strikes.

1. Men in leather. Really, do I need to say more?