First I must offer my apologies that earlier this month I missed a post with you.

I shouldn’t make excuses but I am in the process of moving house. I got confused with the dates for posting. I have made sure it won’t happen again.

I’ve decided to post a little snippet from my Yuletide tale that I hope you will all get to read later in the year. Longest night loving offers you a hint of fantasy magic with the cinamon and spice of Yule. This is still fairly raw but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

He tasted of the sweetened wine, of honey, of spices and most of all of desire. His lips massaged hers. Tortuously slow he tasted, licked and flicked his tongue over hers. He fed on her as if she were some dainty.
Oh, God, yes.
A hot pool of need for him warmed her belly, loins, and between her thighs. She edged closer still, tighter to him and sagged as he crushed her against his body. Her hunger grew, and their kiss deepened. He held the back of her head with his fingers tangled in her hair and thrust his tongue into her mouth. The rapid repeated movements made her push against him. She ached for him to be inside her to soothe her need.
A shiver raced up her spine as he moved a little. She whimpered when he nudged his velvet covered knee between hers. He traced his thumb hard down her spine before he cupped one buttock and tugged her forward so her mons brushed up against his thigh. The contact made her draw back from his mouth to take a ragged breath.
He ran his tongue over her bottom lip. “I want you, bright angel.”
A tiny whimper escaped, because he swept the gown up her leg so she could part her thighs, and urged her onto the muscle of his. Her clit throbbed greedy to accept the heightened sensations.
She mashed her lips against his again and accepted his probing tongue, rubbed shameless against him. He swept her along and deeper into pleasure, rolling her hip with his palm, so she rocked on his thigh in time to the tick of the clock.
Lost to him, she closed her eyes and breathing deep and rhythmic, she clung tight, eager for everything he could give her. A fiery burning swelled in her pussy. Her panties grew damper still and the crush of velvet on the wet satin tormented her clit. If he didn’t stop soon she’d come and there was no way she could prevent it.
He moved his mouth from hers as she arched her back with a needy whimper. He kissed her neck and licked up by her ear. “Say my name. Moan for me, angel. Just for me.”

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks