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5 silken sheets


I’ve found a new SEAL series – and it’s awesome!


It’s been a rough month for Navy SEAL Cash McCoy. Fresh off six months of celibacy during his deployment, he almost got into a hot blonde s panties before they were 15719641 - coverinterrupted. Since then, he still hasn’t gotten laid. The reason? He lost her number. And no other woman has replaced her face in his fantasies.


Then his CO asks him to keep an eye on his sister for a few weeks. Just until her psycho stalker ex is transferred. Cash s new houseguest is none other than the same gorgeous, quirky blonde. And just his luck his orders include an emphatic “hands off.”


Jen Scott is having none of it. Now that she has a second chance, she s not letting Cash slip away. Orders be damned, he s the one man capable of helping her explore her sexuality. She s even willing to break her own rule never date military men to get the gorgeous SEAL into her bed.


Except Cash makes it clear he wants more than she bargained for. Much more. Not just her body, but the one thing she promised herself she d never give to a man in uniform. Her heart.


Warning: Sexy SEAL? Check. Sassy heroine determined to seduce him? Check. Scorching hot sex bound to make you blush? Double check. A threesome and some man-on-man action? Triple check. You’ve been warned.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Hot, loveable characters – tick

Fantastic writing – tick

Great pricing – tick

Plenty already in the series – tick


Until recently, I had a huge gap in my military-romance reading list. I’d devoured the entire Troubleshooters series by Suzanne Brockmann, and had struggled to find a successor. I read plenty of books that ticked some of the boxes, but not all… and then I discovered the Out of Uniform series by Elle Kennedy.

I’ve already gobbled up four of the books, but this review is on the one I just finished – Feeling Hot.

Ohhhh… there was SO much to love in this story. The setup is perfect. A crazy-assed CO who is only slightly over-protective of his little sister:


6008353_s“Keep your hands off my sister.”

 Cash frowned. “I wasn’t planning on—”

 “I’m serious. You touch her, and I’ll drown you. Your building’s got a pool in the back, so I won’t have to go far.”

 He had to laugh. “You’ll drown me? That’s the most creative death you can come up with?”

 “I’m in the navy. I do my best work in the water.” Those blue eyes glittered with menace. “And don’t think I’m kidding, McCoy. Touch my little sister, and you’re a dead man. She’s off-limits.”


Cash is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea (or the deep blue pool in his apartment complex).

Jen, the lady in question, has other ideas… mainly involving Cash doing a whole lot more than just touching. You have to admire her tenacity. Like the SEALs, she doesn’t let anything get in her way, when she goes after something. Or someone.

She resorts to devious methods.

He promptly concentrated on the television again and pretended to care about the antics of Steve Carell and the rest of the cast, but when another commercial break came on, he had no choice but to glance over at Jen and wait for the next round of neutral small-talk.

 When he glimpsed the thoughtful light in those big blue eyes, he started to get a bad feeling. Gulping, he picked up his beer and took a long swig.

 “So what’s your favorite sexual position?”



I adored the early part of this book, and sniggered at Jen’s plan, while feeling sorry for Cash. He really had to work hard.

Christ, this woman was tenacious. Did she think if she kept talking about sex she’d get him so turned on he wouldn’t be able to control himself around her?

19398644_sA thought suddenly occurred to him. Why couldn’t he play the same game? Except instead of turning her on, he’d turn her off. If she didn’t want to jump his bones anymore then he’d finally be able to breathe easy.


Jen’s eyebrows soared. “Yesterday? You had a threesome yesterday?”

Relief trickled through him. Good. Now she would view him as some huge whore, back off, and nobody would get drowned courtesy of Carson Scott.

“Was it good?”



He’s strong, though. But then while he’s busy congratulating himself on staying away from her, Jen resorts to a whole new tactic.

She wasn’t really getting herself off. She was simply trying to lure him in by planting a new slew of sinful images in his head. At least that’s what he told himself before the first strains of the masturbation symphony filled the air.



Cash’s best friends are a delight to read. These secondary characters are strong and enticing, in particular, man-whore Dylan. I wish I had a buddy like Dylan!


19525697_lWith a sigh, he brought the phone to his ear and said, “Hey, man. Now’s really not a good time.”

 “Why? Are you washing your hair?”

 “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

 Dylan laughed. “Seriously, why do you sound so weird?”

 “I’m about to take my new houseguest out for some Choctastic Verryberry Swirl.”

 “I don’t know what that means. Is that a code?” Dylan paused. “Are you being held hostage and this is your way of signaling me? Blink twice for yes.”



The writing is slick and fast moving, and the sex is HOT!

Of course, Cash gives in eventually.

 “Three weeks ,” she said flippantly. “It’ll just be a little fling, Cash. We’ll have sex, hang out, and then I’ll move out and we say goodbye.”

 He hesitated. If his lower body was in charge of making the decision, it would be a no-brainer. Fling. Sex . Make each other come.

 That’s all his dick had needed to hear.



There’s more to this story, in terms of a stalker-ex boyfriend. Cash is summoned to meet Jen’s father, Admiral Scott.

The admiral narrowed his pale blue eyes. “So you’re the one entrusted with the task of keeping my daughter safe.”

“Yes, sir.”

The man continued his slow appraisal, then nodded as if Cash had passed his test. “You seem competent.”

Relief flickered through him. “Thank you, sir.”

“With that said, know that if any harm comes to my daughter, I will drown you.”

 Huh. So that’s where Carson got it from.



There’s some angst too.

Guilt pricked his insides as she stalked toward the bedroom. Shit. He’d definitely hurt her with the accusation that she didn’t have the guts to follow her dream, but as usual, his brain-to-mouth filter had failed him.

Frustrated, he ran a hand over his scalp. Times like these, he wished he possessed Dylan’s charm, or the ability to sweet-talk the birds out of the damn trees like Jackson. But no, apparently he was destined to wreck every relationship by being too damn honest.

This isn’t a relationship. It’s a fling with an end date, remember?

And boy, didn’t that reminder make his spirits plummet even lower.



From the slew of hot SEALs to Jen’s family, there was nothing I didn’t like about this book, and each one I read makes me eager for the next.

PS – you don’t need to read them in order, or start at the beginning. Really, what more could you ask for?

 5 silken sheets


5 sexy lips


Plot – great

Characters – varied, fabulous and SUPER FREAKIN’ HOT!

Warnings – Another book addiction… includes hot menaage sex, and some boy-on-boy action too


Genre: Contemporary erotic military romance

Published: August 2012; $0.99 (Amazon)

Publisher: Samhain

Buy links: Amazon | AllRomance | Barnes & Noble

Goodreads: LINK