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Preview time

I’ve been so busy working on my own projects, I’ve hardly read anything in the past few weeks. It’s my review day though, so I thought for a change, I’d share some yummy looking bargains with you. These have all snagged a place on my To Read list.

Now it’s just a question of which one to read first?


Tempted by the Soldier – Nicolette Day


Another 99c steal from the Entangled Brazen imprint. I haven’t read any of the Falling for You series before, but then again, I haven’t come across a Brazen book yet that I haven’t enjoyed.


When one touch isn’t enough, why resist?

tempted by the soldierRoad trips are supposed to be fun. Or, at least, full of hot sex. For photographer Lilly Grayson, the fifteen-hour drive to her friend’s wedding with Nate Jennings will be neither. Not that Nate isn’t sexy—the man is six-foot-three-inches of mouth-watering Marine. But Lilly’s been there, done that…and he walked away. Now it’s time for a little payback. The kind that’ll make a man desperate for a taste of what he can’t have.

And Nate wants a taste—so badly that he can barely keep his hands on the wheel. But the scars and ghosts of his last tour still haunt him. He can’t give into temptation, not this time. Lilly deserves a whole man—one who can love her the way she deserves to be loved, even if she doesn’t believe it can happen. And that can’t be Nate. Not when he’s leaving again in two weeks, and this time, he’s not sure he’ll return…



 Push – Claire Wallis


Despite it’s full price of $5.99, and even though I’ve never sampled this author before, I took the plunge. Why? The blurb gave me such a jolt, I couldn’t look away, and the 88 x 5-star reviews on Amazon backed up my decision to one-click.

I feel like I am wrapped in a cyclone. Everything is whirling around me, drawing the air out of my lungs and filling me with the best kind of turmoil. Every time his tongue pushslides against mine, a prickle in my gut tells me how right we are together. How much I need David. How much I need us.

 I hope the cyclone never stops.

 Emma Searfoss has spent a lifetime trying to escape her abusive stepfather. It’s why she moved far away from home. It’s why she’s kept no ties with her remaining family. And it’s why she’s got a major rage problem. When her neighbor shows up to fix the kitchen in her new apartment, his enigmatic charm calms the fire in her. David is cool and collected, and he makes Emma feel safe for the first time ever. But David has his own chilling past—his six previous girlfriends have all disappeared without a trace. Emma’s walking a dangerous line, but David’s pull is intoxicating. And impossible to resist….



Cover Me – LA Witt

I haven’t read any of Ms Witt’s solo works, and this one, with its 99c price tag, was too good to miss.

cover meWhen paramedic Nick Swain responds to a shooting in a seedy neighborhood, his entire world is thrown off its axis. His life is threatened…twice. Allegations of racism and medical neglect threaten his career and his ability to sleep at night. Not that he’ll be sleeping any time soon after the incident throws him into the path—and arms—of Detective Andrew Carmichael.

 One hot night after another with Andrew may help Nick relieve some work-related stress, but sex won’t solve every problem in his life. With the media hounding him and the city watching his every move, he starts to wonder if the world is out to get him.


The world may not be out to get him, but someone is.

 And that someone wants Nick dead.




Heat of the Moment – Elle Kennedy


I reviewed Elle Kennedy last time, and my delight in her books continues. I was thrilled to see the first in her EXCELLENT Out of Uniform series is currently FREE! Grab it – now!!

heat of the momentShelby Harper has lusted over Navy SEAL John Garrett for over a year, but no matter how many sexy signals she sends out, the man shows a complete lack of interest in getting naked. Then she overhears Garrett talking to his SEAL teammate—a discussion in which they conclude she’s vanilla. Stung, Shelby sets out to show them exactly how un-vanilla she is.

 Garrett can’t believe it when sweet, sexy Shelby suggests a wild and sweaty ménage. He’s been trying to figure out how to ask her out without coming off as a guy who only wants to get in her pants—her friendship is too valuable to him to risk it. But if a crazy, heat-wave three-way is what Shelby wants, then he’s ready and willing to give it to her.

 Once she gets it out of her system, however…well, then he’ll let her know he wants her all to himself.




Ignited – Kaylea Cross

I adore Kaylea Cross’s blend of in-the-field military drama and searing hot romance, and this was an auto-buy for me. It’s the first in her Titanium Security series – and it’s currently FREE.

ignitedWhen her father is murdered by a Taliban cell in the tribal regions of Pakistan, Khalia Patterson reluctantly steps into his shoes to carry on the legacy of Fair Start Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to furthering the education of girls. There she meets Hunter Phillips, the ex-SEAL and head of her Titanium security team, and quickly learns that coming to Pakistan might prove to be a deadly decision.

 Battling demons of his own, Hunter grudgingly leads Khalia’s protective detail as a favor to his boss. From their first meeting it’s clear she’s going to be trouble, and that the cell that killed her father is hell bent on taking her out as well. Keeping her alive is one of the toughest assignments he’s ever faced, yet through one harrowing situation after another she continually impresses him with her strength and inner courage. Even though he fights his feelings for her, it’s a losing battle. And when the job is over, he doesn’t know how he’ll let her go.




Danger & Desire box set

It really is the season of the box set. Ten full length steamy romantic suspense novels, including Amber Lin and Kaylea Cross? More than I could resist.

danger & desireNew York Times bestselling author Katie Reus – Sensual Surrender

RITA Award Winning Author Carolyn Crane – Against the Dark

USA Today bestselling author Pamela Clare – Skin Deep

New York Times bestselling author Dianna Love – Deceptive Treasures

Dee J. Adams – Against the Wall

USA Today bestselling author Norah Wilson – Guarding Suzannah

USA Today bestselling author VK Sykes – Lethal Confessions

Amber Lin – Giving It Up

USA Today bestselling author Misty Evans – Deadly Pursuit

New York Times bestselling author Kaylea Cross – Singed




Rockers After Dark box set

6 rocker stories for 99c. Nuff said.

rockers after dark DEFINING DESTINY by NYT Bestselling author Deanna Chase

 THIS TIME by NYT Bestselling author, Marie Hall


FOREVER OURS, by NYT Bestselling author Cassia Leo.

A SEDUCTIVE MELODY by NYT Bestselling author Crista McHugh

STEP by NYT Bestselling Author Roxie Rivera





Up All Night box set

Ten stories for 99c, and each is #1 in its series. What a great way to get acquainted with a new-to-me author. Included is a story from one of my favourite smut-writers, Erin McCarthy. That sealed the deal for me.


You Make Me, Blurred Lines #1 – New York Times bestselling author Erin McCarthy

up all nightCaitlyn’s perfect world with fiancé Ethan is shattered when her first love Heath returns to Maine after a mysterious four-year absence. Heath wants her back, but Ethan doesn’t want to let her go. And when one love allows her to breathe, but the other feels as essential to her life as air, how does she choose between them?

 Also includes:

One and Only, Canton #1 – Viv Daniels

 Tattoo Thief, Tattoo Thief #1 – Heidi Joy Tretheway

 One Broke Girl, Edgewood Falls #1 – Rhonda Helms

 Random, Going the Distance #1 – Lark O’Neal

Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc., Butterman Travel, Inc. #1 – PK Hrezo

 Come Back To Texas, Twelve Beats in a Bar #1 – KK Hendin

The Opposite of Nothing, Copeland College #1 – Shari Slade

The Long Game, American Gypsy #1 – J.L. Fynn