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Rachel KenleyStrange title, isn’t it?  And as a writer, you know I’m very picky about what I choose as a title.  Does that mean I have you intrigued?  I hope so.


I love business and I’ve started a business because of it.

open for businessMarketing, branding, promotion, negotiation, publicity, social media, creating a company… all of it.  I think it is a blast!  And I find it can be almost as creative as writing a book – except that it is the same, or close to the same, each time, so unlike writing I don’t have to start from page one over and over.

I’ll back up – for the last three years I have had a chance to be a serious student of business, and not in the sitting in class listening to someone lecture me (yuck) kind of way.  I’ve been going to seminars, weekends, conferences, and boot camps taught by people currently running businesses and working at all the things they are teaching.  I’ve learned so much and I keep learning more.

I’ve learned how to find the core emotion behind my brand, discover and focus on my target audience so that I can reach them, and generate publicity without spending money.

It’s great to be in business as an author.

Business?  Author?

Dollars in the books, isolated on white background, business training.Yes – if you’ve had a book published, you’re in business and for business to be good – you need the right set of skills.  You’ve spend years and continue to improve your writing talents, but what about the other knowledge you need to get your work into the hands of the readers who are going to love what you wrote?

As most of us know, the days of selling your book to a publisher and having them do all the marketing and promotion for you are gone.  Sadly, this is why 90% of all books published sell less than 100 copies.  It’s depressing – but it doesn’t have to be true.

So what is the business I started?  The WRITERS BUSINESS SCHOOL – where writers can learn the skills I know from me and those who have been teaching me.  We have a monthly newsletter, a variety of online courses and coming soon – pod casts and business plans.

You can learn this too.  And maybe, like me, you’ll come to love business.

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