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Eva2Yeah, someone should do something about the half finished stories or completed first drafts sitting on my hard drive or on a flash drive just hanging out gathering dust. Probably that person should be me, but  at this point, I will take any offers!

Writers are easily distracted. We write stuff on a lark sometimes, when the idea strikes us. We write to take advantage of a new and interesting opportunity. We drop this and pick up that – all – the – time. Seriously. That’s why writer’s brains are mish-mash! Or mush LOL

Looking back at this year, I totally did not get done what I thought I’d get done. Here’s where I ended up:

8 – M/M books, 3 of them in a series

5 – M/F books, 3 of them SciFi, 1 fairy tale and 1 short erotic piece

And there’s two more to follow!

2 – M/F Shifter stories!

Can someone PLEASE tell me what the holy crap happened to the stories I was SUPPOSED to write/finish in 2014? I sort of miss them and sometimes when I open my laptop I hear them screaming at me! One of these days I should finish them. Perhaps in 2015??

Here’s a partial lineup:

M/F -Martians book II

M/F – Cowboys book II

M/F – Romantic Suspense

M/F – SciFi Erotica

M/M – Contemporary

M/F – Shapeshifter

And many more!

So I guess my plan for next year is to try NOT to become distracted and write anything new but instead keep my head down, and edit, edit, edit!

Whew. I’m tired already. Anybody fancy a pint? Or a lick…..?

I refuse to use another image after this. He's yummy enough to close the post.

Distracting? What? You calling me distracting???

More later,