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I am going to write a serialized story right here on the blog. It will be raw and unedited. Eventually I may gather the installments, clean it up, and publish it. But for now, twice a month I will provide a new episode just like in old magazines and such. This story is called Due Diligence and is about two Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) who are on opposing sides of an acquisition but find themselves insanely attracted to each other. Enjoy!


Adriana huffed at the beep of her phone. How was a woman to write a report on the company’s financial status if people insisted on interrupting? And her report was damned important. The annual shareholders report went out to every shareholder and helped them make decisions during their General Shareholders Meeting.

And this year was even more important since Bowerton International had made a move to buy up shares. It was one way they could put pressure on Darrington, Inc. to sell, and she had two weeks left to convince the shareholders that not selling was the better choice. The General Shareholders were going to vote on whether or not to entertain the offer. If they voted yes, then due diligence would commence and short of Bowerton finding something really awful the sale would go through.

The phone beeped again, refusing to be ignored. “Yes, Helen?”

“Mr. Bowerton is here to see you.”

Adriana laughed. “I doubt Old Man Bowerton is here to see me.”

“No ma’am. Mr. Bowerton, Jr. is here.”

Well shit. She paused long enough to pray she wasn’t on speakerphone. “Please bring him back.”

She closed her report, stood to smooth her suit skirt, and composed herself. She reached for her suit coat as a knock sounded and her door opened to admit one of the most devastatingly sexy men she’d ever clapped eyes on. Handsome didn’t describe him. Her attention shifted, her coat forgotten. It was too soft for the harsh contours that made up his features. Strong, square jaw. High slashing cheekbones. Piercing gray eyes.

The man was lust personified. Walking, talking desire. Shit, talking. “Welcome, Mr. Bowerton.” She extended her hand and moved across her spacious office. As CFO of Darrington she was afforded a big, airy office with floor to ceiling windows along one wall.

“Thank you, Ms. Leighton. I apologize for the unexpected visit, but I happened to be in town. So, I thought we could have a chat before all the acquisition specialists get involved. CFO to CFO.” Despite the innocuous words, his steely gaze slid over her body and stripped her clothing away one article at a time. She might as well stand there in her lacy underthings.

“This is highly unusual.” She worked hard to keep her brain function working with some semblance of normalcy. The man was a danger to her intelligence.

“It is, but I needed to be sure you understood our intentions and the financial ramifications for Darrington should we be successful in our purchase.”

She had never felt such a visceral reaction to a man in her life. Her panties were rapidly moistening as every desire laden moment ticked by. A quick glance down revealed she should have donned her suit coat. Silk and lace failed to mask her predicament as her beaded nipples strained against the fabric. “Why should that matter?” She slicked her tongue out to moisten her dry lips an waited.

“It matters because you are writing the annual report. In order to make a successful argument you need all the details.” His gaze drifted down to her chest and then returned to her face. “And I admit to a certain amount of curiosity about the woman behind the dramatic shift in profits for Darrington.”

“Then you’d be looking for Mr. Darrington.” She forced herself to turn away and walk to her desk. She took her seat in a move driven by self-preservation rather than a show of power. She simply needed a physical barrier between herself and the magnetic man in her office.

“No. Without your financial guidance and cost saving measures, this company would have fallen into our laps without a fight. Since you came on board two years ago this sinking ship has been salvaged and put back on course.” He sank into the chair across from her.

22572327_sB&WPleasure zipped from his lips to her hot, melting core. So much for her desk helping. Mr. Bowerton–Lucas–could have easily had her spread on her desk and panting for his cock with the crook of his finger. She hadn’t been this hot for a man since her first internship. She’d worked for a senior vice president who, compared to her mere nineteen years, was older, wiser, and far more sexually experienced. She exulted in all he taught her about being a powerful woman in control of her sexuality. Drawn to him right from the start, it never occurred to her to object.

“Thank you, but I still don’t understand.” She settled back into her chair.

“I wanted you to know you will have a place in our new organizational structure. In addition, you need to understand we plan to funnel a large amount of money into Project Cobra–”

She shot out of her seat, the haze of lust abruptly dissipated. “How the hell do you know anything about Project Cobra?” Her blood thrummed, no longer powered by want. Instead, anger fueled the rush through her veins.

The dark haired man merely raised a brow at her outburst. “I have my sources.”

Shaking with fury at the man sitting calmly in his seat, at the person who betrayed Darrington, and most importantly at her body for still wanting the man she now knew was the enemy, she stalked around her desk. “Get out. Get out of my office.”

* * *

Bowerton remained seated even as she loomed over him like a vengeful valkyrie. Damn she was hot. Regardless, he couldn’t have stood if he wanted. Not without revealing his rather apparent and unprofessional interest. And, she was overreacting to a small bit of corporate espionage. Not even. He’d walked in with a few whispered bits of information, which she foolishly confirmed. All of this would have come out during due diligence, but he’d figured there was no reason not to confirm the rumors before they spent a large amount of time and money.

And, of course he really had been curious about her. Not many women were successful in such a technology driven industry. He had not expected her to be so damned captivating. So tantalizing to his senses and his dominant instincts. When she submitted to him, she would be spectacular. He dug deep to restrain his need to stand up and crowd her with his sheer size. Despite her reaching almost six feet in heels, he towered over her at six-four. Since he still pursued mixed martial arts on the amature circuit his muscles added a lot of bulk to his naturally broad form.

“No.” He decided she needed to understand who was in control right from the start.

“Get out now or I will call for security.” She whirled around and reached for the phone. Her ass tantalized, tucked behind her demure gray skirt. She lifted the receiver which forced him to rise. He leaned against her back, pressed his erection into her lush bottom, and settled his hand over hers.

A sharp intake of breath told him she felt his arousal. Ignoring the need pounding through him, he guided the phone back into the cradle. Her light herbal scent teased his nostrils. Before he could control the impulse, he nuzzled against her neck right behind her ear. “You’re intoxicating.”

“Mr. Bowerton.” Her feeble attempt to object revealed how much she wanted him.

“Lucas. Call me Lucas,” he rasped and then gave in to the need to taste her flesh, even if only her neck.

Installment #2 (Coming Soon!)