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Jocelyn DexHappy Freakin’ Friday!

Regardless of whatever issues EC is experiencing, I went to the Romanticon conference this year and even though it was smaller than last year, I had way more fun! I mean, a whole helluva lot of fun!

Every time I turned around, fun was smacking me in the face. It was awesome.

I met a bunch of cool people, danced, drank, ate, networked, sold a few books, watched the Dallas Cowboys beat the snot out of the Seahawks, made new friends, laughed a lot… I’m really glad I went.

I didn’t take many pictures this year. But here are a few.


This was the first time I saw my new book cover. Love it!


My bestie, me, Dave @ Awards Nights


Cavemen doing what they do!


Me, Rodney, Lisa Fox at the book signing