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Happy Halloween! Here’s your treat. A bonus installment of my new serial, Due Diligence. Boo!


Installment #1

Sweet and a little salty. That’s how she tasted. A primal sense of satisfaction simmered beneath his skin despite the fact she would be well within her bounds to throw him out and refuse to meet him ever again. Instead the enticing woman had her back plastered against his chest while the soft cushion of her ass cradled his cock. He eased his hand  along her silk clad arm enjoying the slippery fabric under his fingertips. Would her skin be as soft?

He reached her shoulder as his other hand eased around her waist to flatten across her stomach pulling her even tighter against him. His hand spanned from the bottom of her breasts to the waistband of her skirt. Her head tipped sideways causing the curtain of her golden hair to sweep over his shoulder and exposed the flesh above her collar for more of his attention. And more she would have.

He kissed and nibbled along the cord of her neck, drunk on her scent and taste. She groaned and ground back against him as lost in their chemistry as he was. He slipped past her shoulder to cup her breast and found the hard, pebbled nub. “Lucas.”

His dick throbbed as his name dripped from her lips. More. He needed more of her right now. He slipped the first button free and caressed the exposed skin with his finger tips. Her hands had found their way to his hips where they clutched him as though she feared he might desert her. Another button opened and he caught a glimpse of her black lace bra. The contrast of her pale skin peeking out from under the black lace had him panting with desire. It had been twenty years since he lost both his control and his load in his pants.

With a growl he reached up and roughly jerked her blouse down around her arms and left them trapped in the sleeves. He spun her to face him so her ass wedged against the desk. Lace covered tits crowded his vision as he tugged the cups down to expose her nipples. Greedy for the feel of her obvious arousal on his tongue he arched her back over the desk with only her hobbled hands for support. “Such beautiful breasts.”

“Lucas, please,” she begged.

“Please, what? Please plunge my tongue into your mouth? Please suck your puckered nipples?” She was a visual feast that only increased his lust, and with each suggestion he offered her breathing grew more labored and her need escalated. “Please push your skirt up and shove my swollen cock into your wet pussy?”

“Oh god,” her cry sounded so forlorn and desperate he nearly slowed the pace down. But then she continued, “yes! Any of those things. All of those things. Please, just touch me.”

And then he realized he had yet to do more than stare at her breasts and fantasize about all the things he wanted to do to her. He swooped down and caught her lips in a rapacious kiss that demanded she give him everything. And what she would not give he was primed to take. He probed inside her mouth, tasted the upper cavern and the lower soft palette. He traced the edge of her teeth and tangled his tongue with hers. Finally, when breath had become a necessity that neither could do without, he parted from her moist heat. Slowly, easing back with small kisses, licks, and bites.

Her lust filled green eyes appeared from under a thick fringe of artificially dark lashes. Her lips remained parted, both wet and swollen from his kiss. The need to have her berry pink tips in his mouth rose up with renewed vigor. He would have her. Here. Now.

Beep. Beep.

Intent on savoring the moment, he leaned forward oblivious to everything but Adriana.

Beep. Beep.

“Lucas.” She said his name again, but some how it was less erotic than before. Then suddenly her hands were fisted in his hair, her nipple was a breath away, and then his head was jerked back. “Lucas. My secretary is beeping in.”

Stunned by the sudden turn of events, he watched her slip the black filmy material back over her breasts, right the silken blouse so that her arms were freed, and then she deftly buttoned up the material. She turned around and presented her ass to him…precisely the move that had started the whole scenario.

“Yes, Helen?” Frustration laced her words.

It was good to know she felt as thwarted as he did. In fact, at that moment he could cheerfully throttle the inestimable Helen.

“Your two o’clock is here to see you.”

“Very good. I am just wrapping up with L–Mr. Bowerton.” She hung up the call and turned back around to face him. Her cheeks were flushed, lips pink and plump. She looked as though she had been well and truly kissed. He should know since he’d done it. “L–Mr.– Oh for God’s sake. Lucas, you should go.”

He resisted the urge to reach out and tilt her face up to him. “This is not over.”

Her head snapped up as though surprised by his words. “This can’t be anything but over.”

“You are mistaken. This has only begun. I’ll pick you up at seven tonight for dinner. And, while I am partial to your gray skirt, where something sexy.”

Pink dusted her cheeks  as her jaw set in obstinance. “No.”

He stepped into her. Pressed her back against the desk and whispered in her ear. “Don’t make me repeat myself, Adriana.”

“Prepare to be disappointed, Mr. Bowerton.”

Tension drew the moment taut as they stared each other down until a knock at the door announced her next guest.

* * *

Adriana shook with anger, fear, and most of all need. Something about Lucas Bowerton triggered a wild range of emotions. Dangerous feelings she needed to keep in check. “Come in, Helen.” Her office door opened to reveal her secretary and her niece. “Thank you. Mr. Bowerton was on his way out.” She gestured toward the door before turning and sauntering back to her desk. The man acted as though he owned her. She let loose a soft snort. As if men hadn’t been trying to own her all her life.

“Tabitha, sit.” She smiled at her niece who couldn’t seem to peel her gaze from the starkly handsome and oddly unaffected man who refused to leave. With the quirk of an eyebrow and an unexpected wink, he followed her assistant out.

Her rather young and impressionable protégé plopped down in the very seat Lucas had recently occupied and commenced badgering her with questions. “Who was that? Is he your boyfriend? He should be.”

“I’m sorry, but we are not here to discuss Mr. Bowerton or my love life. We are here to discuss your summer internship so you can graduate and come work for me.”

A few hours later Adriana opened her calendar to review the next day’s schedule when a new evening appointment caught her eye. She opened it up to discover she had a dinner meeting with Mr. Bowerton. The only problem was she had neither agreed to meet him nor scheduled a meeting. Which meant he duped her assistant into believing they had an appointment.

Now she had to decide, would she indulge him or ignore him?