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Eva2Good morning, all!

Now that the Hot Holidays Treats anthology has hit the virtual shelves, I thought I’d bring you more about my characters, starting with Pete aka Roshan the Yeti. Here’s the blurb about the story:

An ambitious reporter is determined to prove to the world Yetis exist, even at the cost of her life. But when she’s confronted with the truth, will she choose fame and fortune or keep the secret and the man she desires all to herself?

Today, we’ll see if Mr. Yeti will give us any more details about his lifestyle and past. He’s a pretty secretive type of guy, so wish me luck!!

Yeti bw

Eva: Hey sexy, how’s it going?

Pete: *squirms in his chair* Um… okay.

Eva: You’re not used to women calling you sexy? Come on.

Pete: Well… I do live in a remote mountain area. It’s not like I get a lot of female visitors.

Eva: But you have one now, a very special one. Kaylee.

Pete: *inhales deeply and relaxes* She’s great.

Eva: Have you taught her all the Yeti secrets? Shown her your ways? Besides the sexy mating ones of course.

Pete: *cheeks turn a reddish shade* I’m working on it.

Eva: Oh you don’t have to hide any of that horny Yeti lovin’ from me. I wrote that scene, remember? Anyway, I wanted to ask you about your hair. The Yeti hair. Is it really as soft and silky as Kaylee claims?

Pete: *shrugs* I guess so.

Eva: Do you have to condition it? How do Yetis get haircuts?

Pete: *frowns* These are not things Yetis do.

Eva: So, personal grooming is more of an afterthought? What about that long ribbed cock of yours? How did that develop? Does the exterior keep it warmer on your rescue missions?

Pete: *blinks* It’s not like I have a hard-on when I’m bounding through ice and snow. Geez.

Eva: Yeah, you save that all for Kaylee.

Pete: *eyes go distant for a second*

Eva: Hey, Pete, you still with me?

Pete: Yeah, um… just thinking about Kaylee.

Eva: Does she, uh, let you take her in your Yeti form? Like, from behind often and repeatedly?

Pete: *coughs* Our ways are not for the ears of humans.

Eva: You suck as an interview, Yeti. You really ought to be more forthcoming with your author!

Pete: Sorry.

Eva: Go back and finish your 30-day mating cycle. I’ll call Kaylee when it’s over. She’ll give me the goods.

Pete: *gulps*

Eva: Yeah, like that. Toodles!

HHT box set smallerSee more about the Hot Holiday Treats anthology here: https://silkensheetsandseduction.wordpress.com/hot-holiday-treats/

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