Character interview from Longest Night Loving – Jessica Hopton.

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Jessica is the main female character in Longest Night Loving, my story in the Hot Holiday Treats Anthology. Eva LeFoy interviews her here.

Eva: Bringing bedding to the landlord is a whole new twist on rent. Tell us how you came across the right items for him.

Jessica: I agree. I hadn’t heard anything about it before last autumn. My usual rent is a sneeze. The letter about the annual rent gift came in November and was a big surprise. I’d never seen anything like the embossed handmade paper. My friend said the measurements given were archaic. I was lucky that I found a place to order sheets and curtains from. They could do all the embroidery for the monograms too. The whole parcel cost me a lot.  I wasn’t best pleased to have to take the package up the hill on longest night.

Eva: At the start of the story, you’re ready to go out and party the night away. But you end up having a very different kind of party with Miles. In what way does he bring you the kind of one-on-one party you’ve always wanted?

Jessica: Are you joking? I am so surprised you don’t already know.  Miles is the most incredible male I’ve ever seen. I won’t say man because he’s just that little bit bigger all over than the men I’ve met. He’s an inch taller, a span wider, and oh my, his hair. Did you read what I said about his hair in the story? I think not every woman likes a man with long hair, but I was spellbound. Smooth, soft like silk, red as flames and all I wanted was to be wrapped in his arms so I could play with all those shimmery strands.   As to the other things, well, I don’t want to spoil that bit of the story for the reader.

Eva: Gemstones, what girl doesn’t like them? Tell us more about the lovely box and the sexy scene inside it.

Jessica: I had never seen anything like that gem covered box. Some of the stones were enormous. Diamonds, rubies and emeralds, all of them were flawless and so exquisite. I couldn’t believe Miles seemed so disdainful about the box. As to what I saw inside it, well, it blew me away. I felt like I was seeing the future, seeing something beautiful and magic. After I saw the little figures, I knew I wasn’t going anywhere else that night. I mean who could?

Eva: Would you like for Miles to be dominant in bed?

Jessica: Miles and I are doing a lot of exploring. He had waited so long for me and he made me feel incredibly special when he explained.  His personality tends toward the dominant and it’s been a very interesting journey with him so far.

Eva: You say you’ve always believed in elves and fairies. Do they hold a special place in your heart? Did finding out what Miles truly was factor into your decision to stay the night?

Jessica: I grew up with lots of fairy tales from my family. It has always seemed natural to believe in the magic of elementals.  When Miles told me who he was, what he was, he looked so worried, but I loved the idea. He has all kinds of magical gifts to share.

Eva: What, if anything, will you miss about modern life? Or can Miles provide everything you need?

Jessica: I don’t miss much and if I find I’m longing for something it can always be arranged. Miles can magic up most things. There is a local take away restaurant that I insist we actually call and buy from. Miles did his best to conjure a Chiken Tikka Masala, but I could taste the difference, so I call for a delivery order from them if we want a take away. Miles has discovered quite a few things he’s never tried before and it has been great fun being with him as he finds out about things.  Thanks so much for talking to me about longest night, this last one was amazing.  I do hope you get a longest night as special.