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Hi again,

Hope you are enjoying Hot Holiday Treats. My story in the anthology is about an intrepid reporter trying to find out the truth about the reclusive Yeti. It’s called To Capture a Yeti and in the end, Kaylee does get her man!

Here’s the blurb:

An ambitious reporter is determined to prove to the world Yetis exist, even at the cost of her life. But when she’s confronted with the truth, will she choose fame and fortune or keep the secret and the man she desires all to herself?

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Here’s Kaylee getting a love grip on her man! Rawr!

Last time, I did a short character interview with Pete aka Roshan the Yeti. Frankly, he sucked as an interview and really wasn’t very enlightening. Today, I have his love interest, Kaylee Vonn in the chair and we’ll see if she isn’t more forthcoming….


Eva: Hey there, Kaylee. How’s it going with your Yeti?


Kaylee: Things are … *sighs* …. Really good.


Eva: Okay, so tell me, was there ever a minute or two where you thought to yourself, “I’m gonna tell the world this story and become famous,” instead of keeping the secret?


Kaylee: *squirms in her chair* Well… maybe a few seconds. I mean, when I first realized what was happening – when I saw those footprints in the snow and put two and two together – yeah, I was in a state of shock, you know? And my brain automatically went to my fallback position of being a reporter. The reporter in me said, “I really should tell this story.”


Eva: But the woman in you didn’t?


Kaylee: *nods* Exactly! I had more than one priority to satisfy. *giggles* I mean, have you seen his cock? The thing is crazy!


Eva: I’ve pictured it many times in my imagination. I figure it’s a slightly darker color than most, longer—


Kaylee: And it’s ribbed! *squeals*


Eva: Which of course adds to the excitement for you? I mean, how does it feel to have such a firm, long ribbed wand doing its thing inside of you?


Kaylee: Utterly and completely fantastic. It’s as if his body owns mine. The whole size and stiffness of it demands submission, you know?


Eva: *nods sagely* Uh huh.


Kaylee: And I’m just so awed by his Yeti form too. *sighs* I mean, look, this shifter thing isn’t for every woman, but for me, I feel as if, as if…


Eva: You’ve come home?


Kaylee: Yes! As if I’d been looking for this all my life. At first, I thought it was just for the story’s sake but in the end, my fascination with the Yeti felt deeper than that.


Eva: I bet. Pretty damn deep!


Kaylee: Well, there is that…. *smirks*


Eva: Okay, since you went all gushy over his cock I’ll let you go – for now. But we must get together again and talk about that awesome Yeti teleporter.


Kaylee: *slaps hand over Eva’s mouth* Shhh! That’s a secret! You can’t tell anyone about that!


Eva: *mumbles around Kaylee’s hand* Just take me to a warm tropical island and I’ll let you off the hook.


Kaylee: How about Everest?


Eva: Warm. I said warm.


Kaylee: Sorry. No such destination in the program. But if you ask nicely, I’ll make you a Yeti dildo.


Eva: Wow! Such a deal! You could make a fortune with those things.


Kaylee: I know. Believe me. How do you think I’m keeping gas in my snowmobile?


Eva: You surprise me, Kaylee. I thought you were tough, but I didn’t realize you were this clever.


Kaylee: *smooths her t-shirt* Oh yes. You have to be clever to catch a Yeti!


Read more about Kaylee, her Yeti Pete/Roshan and his rather interesting cock in the Hot Holiday Treats anthology, out now at all major ebook retailers.



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