Rachel KenleyI *love* retold fairy tales.  I’ve edited three anthologies of sexy ones for Ravenous Romance – the most recent being ONCE UPON A MENAGE, and I’ve even edited and written for a dark series called ONCE UPON AN APOCALYPSE.  Now, I’m thrilled to announce that my favorite, THE GLASS STILETTO, will be re released from Riverdale Avenue Books in March, coinciding with the release of the live action Disney version of Cinderella.  This release will be expanded from the original and I hope it will find some new readers.

Retold fairy tales continue to be very popular – Malificent and Frozen (since it was so far removed from The Snow Queen, it has to be considered a retelling) in theaters with Into The Woods coming on Christmas Day.  Grimm and Once Upon a Time on television, Ever After High in toy and bookstores… and more.  There are so many ways to tell classic fairy tales .  Here are a few of my favorites – which were very hard to choose:

EverafterposterEver After (movie) with Drew Barrymore and Angelica Huston

For many girls and women today, the damsel in distress idea doesn’t go down well.  Drew Barrymore brings to the screen a strong, bright and independent Cinderella who captivates her prince with her wisdom and outwits her step-family by being her best self always.

Wicked: The Life and  Times of the Wicked Witch of the West written by Gregory Macguire & Wicked: The Musicalwicked

The dark narrative of Gregory Macguire’s book is quite different from the hopeful and ultimately happy story of the musical yet both give us views of two of the worlds most famous witches that are lingering and timeless.  Also, giving the Wicked Witch a first name, Elphaba, and choosing it in a similar manner as how Frank Baum created Oz is particularly wonderful.

rose and the beastThe Rose and the Beast: Fairy Tales Retold, written by Francesca Lia Block

Block knows her fairytales (her Weezie Bat is considered by many to be a modern fairytale) and it is clear in these nine retellings that she loves them as well.  She includes the ever popular Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, but also manages a new tale for Thumbelina and others. She beautifully manages a magical mix of the fairy realm and the contemporary world.  Also look for her “non-fiction” book Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur: A Mythological Dating Guide.

 Once Upon a Time  -and- Grimm, current television seriesonce upon a time

In Once Upon a Time, the characters of fairy tale live are living in our world with interesting crossovers and resulting relationships. In Grimm an unsuspecting (and really cute!) cop finds he is the last of the line of hunters who kept our world safe from the monsters of what he thought was myth.  In both, our main characters have to come to terms with accepting that magic is not as far away as originally thought, and that destiny cannot be denied.

sydney whiteSydney White (movie) with Amanda Bynes and Sara Paxton

Okay, this one actually is Disney and a beautiful and funny modern retelling of Snow White.  At college Sydney ends up living in a small house with seven geeks after leaving the rarified air of an elitist sorority and their queen, Rachel Witchburn. When they managed to get even the poisoned apple into this contemporary tale – I was hooked.

Don’t you love the flexibility of these timeless tales?  What are your favorite retellings?