sssLeighOver the course of 2014, I gradually fulfilled a reading challenge I created of various “hot” novels of the 70s and 80s. This old school challenge was to feature the sensational books that put certain authors on the map and garnered awesome TV Movie of the Week ratings. I called it “The Sideboob Hour” after a Family Guy gag, and it looks like I’m almost done. Two books left, and I’m looking forward to 2015.

With this new challenge I want to read authors across the spectrum – not just varied in genre but race and creed. On Twitter you’ll see a movement for diversity in fiction, and I’d like to do my part as a reader. I recently finished A Bollywood Affair, which I enjoyed. I’m ready for more.

I have Jeanne Lin’s A Jade Temptress in my TBR, so that’s one book on deck to read. I’d like to start with ten books in the challenge, and work my way from there. All Romance is my preferred bookseller, so if the books are available there it’s a plus. Doesn’t have to be a new release. I’m looking for authors and books all over the map – black authors, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, stories about inter-religious relationships. LGBT heroes and heroines, people facing physical challenges. In other words, diversity.

Feel free to comment here with your book suggestions. I’m expecting at least one book gift card this year. I look forward to spending it.