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Holiday Greetings to you.

I hope Santa brings you all the things to make you happy.

As this is my last post until the New Year I thought I’d leave you with a little snippet from my new book which will be availabe on the 5th of January from Lyrical Press. Enjoy this section from:

To Eternity.

Wild beneath the moon.

To Eternity

To pre-order click the cover.

The cry sped him onward. He dashed along the ledge in search for her.
The call held no real distress or fear. Another feint from her. She had the delightful capacity to dissemble like any eighteenth century Venetian courtesan. He could do nothing more than love her—stealthy, clever, and provoking as she was.
At the next shriek, he paused to look down. There, some way below where he stood, Sian’s white-knuckled hands clutched a thick tree root protruding from the black soil of the bank. He could also see a small ledge under her foot supporting her weight.
“Ah, so helpless,” he said as he ambled along. “I have to say, there are times when I worry about your psyche.” He crouched, reaching forward to grasp her.
“I slipped.”
A smile to delight him curved her cheek as he caught her beneath the arms and hauled her up. Once she stood on solid ground, he covered her mouth with his and lowered his hands until her sweet rounded ass sat in his palms. With her caught fast in his embrace, he swept at the back of her skirt to brush off the dirt, until she squirmed and whimpered in their kiss.
“I’m afraid, sometimes your desire to be captive is too much for me to refuse,” he explained before he gave her a hearty swat.
Green diamond bright, her widened gaze met his. Her lips parted with a gasp of surprise. The trees took on a hazy hue; the leaves falling to the forest floor became mere smudges of brown such as a child might paint. “Do you wish me to take control of the dream?” he asked before he kissed the warmth of her neck.
She angled her head, caught his lips, and took them captive with hers. The delight of her kiss swept away any need for further words. Abandoning their kiss, he hoisted her in his embrace, stepping away from the ledge. Her small feet scrambled in the leaf litter, as he backed her fast into the smooth bulk of an ash tree’s trunk. He hauled the delicate lace gown up as he pinned her in place.

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes for a fabulous 2015.


Daisy Banks