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5 silken sheets


In the mood to read a scorching ménage? Look no further. Roll Against Trust (by Allyson Lindt) is exactly what you need.


Tasha’s not looking for love, but she doesn’t mind just looking… and maybe a little fantasizing. Her two best friends and weekend AD& D buddies, Seth and Ryan, are the perfect guest stars in her fantasies.

When a late night gaming session with the three goes from silly to verbally scorching in an instant, Tasha wonders if her imagination is enough to keep her satisfied long term.




I was lucky enough to read an early draft of this novella, and boy, it was good then. The finished version is just amazing!

29167254_sIt doesn’t matter if you’ve never dabbled in role-playing games (the geeky version), as Allyson Lindt describes the scene perfectly. If you have though, it adds a delicious extra dimension to the story.

Tasha is more than comfortable with her gaming buddies, Ryan and Seth.

 Ryan draped himself across the couch to lay his head in my lap. Brown eyes so dark they were almost black crinkled in the corners when he laughed up at me. “C’mon, Tash, join me in the bath. We’d save water at the same time, and that kind of conservationism should do something for your druid sensibilities, right?”


22710671_sI laughed in disbelief. “I’m not taking a bath with him, water conservation or not.” Even as the protest passed my lips, my imagination crept in to taunt me. My druid character might prefer the plague over rubbing skin with his paladin, but I wouldn’t mind watching Ryan strip down. Or Seth, for that matter.


The game progresses. Tasha’s character hooks up with Ryan’s.

 If I had been turned on before, it was nothing compared to what ratcheted through me at the new arrival. My fantasies had always been about one or the other of them, never both men. I didn’t know which I liked more, the thought of Seth getting off by watching us, or the idea that he might join in.


After some of the hottest sex-talk I’ve ever read, where Ryan and Seth describe in luscious detail what their characters are doing with Tasha, she can’t help but be turned on by the imagery.

A silence descended on the room. Had we just made a mistake? Were they actually imagining me in that scene the way I had with them, or had this just been a random game?

“Okay, then.” Seth finally shattered the still. “Wow. Fortunately the druid is protected by her gods, and we don’t have to deal with pregnancy during this raiding party.”

“Good call.” Ryan sank back into the cushions with a small exhale.

And just like that, the moment was over.


Her friendship with the two guys seems to be unaffected at work on Monday, but trouble looms in another direction. The project that Tasha is managing has run into a problem. The high profile client is unhappy and a serious mistake has been made somewhere. Her manager is not pleased.


 He sighed, and looked at his hands for a moment before meeting my gaze again. “I’m trying to be polite about this, Natasha. This is a big client, and we can’t afford to lose them. I understand working as a team, and camaraderie and all that. I’m not asking you to hang someone out to dry with the client, but if you’re having an issue, and you can’t deal with it, you need to tell me who’s causing the problem.”


It gets worse.

 For the next few hours, I pored through everything related to the complaints, and my chest ached more as I dug. All indicators pointed to Ryan. And it wasn’t just a little screw-up. It was jaw-dropping, contract-violating, facing-off-a-beholder-who-just-decided-to-tentacle-fuck-us huge.


Poor Tasha. The problems mount up. Ryan refuses to admit anything is wrong with his work, and Tasha’s in trouble. She’s already behind on her rent payments, and teetering on the edge of financial breakdown – she can’t lose her job as well.

Tasha’s worries are credible and realistic, and I agonised with her over the hard decisions she had to make. Her growing relationship with Ryan and Seth – now deliciously physical – makes it even more difficult for her to see the truth.

This is a blazing hot quick read, ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon, although you might want to re-read the smutty bits in bed later, y’know what I mean * grin *

 5 silken sheets


5 sexy lips


Plot – great

Characters – fabulous!

Warnings – you might start looking at your IT geeks in a different light * grin *

 Genre: Contemporary erotic romance

Published: December 2014; $3.99

Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

Buy links: Amazon | AllRomance | Barnes & Noble

Author website: www.allysonlindt.com