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sssSotiaIt’s really late, and my brain isn’t working at 100%, so sharing this seems like a good idea.

A million years and several pounds ago, I had the bright idea of wrapping myself up as a Christmas gift for my now husband.

I flew to Romania right after work the Friday before New Year’s, had dinner with his family, and then managed to sneak a red full-body bow under my flannel pajamas.

That night included a lot of mishaps–which I sadly can’t share publicly without risking my son disowning me when he’s old enough to use Google–and even more bouts of laughter, but MyLove can’t say I never gave him a sexy gift. Or at least tried to.

What about you? What’s the sexiest gift you’ve ever given or received?

Any naughty gifts planned for this year?

And since this is my last post post for this year, may you all have a wonderful holiday, filled with good food, good wine, and good company.

 24167615_sAnd don’t forget to bring the sexy!