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Installment #1

Installment #2

Installment #3

Installment #4

Holy shit. She was fucking incredible. Lucas drew his fingers from her moist heat and couldn’t resist the urge to taste her, again. He licked her juices off his fingers and savored her tangy sweet taste. His head spun with all the possibilities of dominating the woman draped quietly over his lap. It had been too long since he’d found a woman who fulfilled his every desire. Strong? Check. Smart? Check. Beautiful? Check. Submissive? To the fucking core, check.

Damn his cock throbbed again, and she’d just blown him. He smoothed a palm over one of her reddened ass cheeks. Her muscles shifted under his hand, but she didn’t flinch and she never questioned him. Beautifully submissive. “Pet, I’d like you to stand up now.”

“Yes, Sir.” She moved to rise on her own, but he couldn’t quell the need to touch her, in even the most innocuous ways. He steadied her with hands on her softly rounded hips and then looked up into her bright eyes. They danced with wonder, lust, and something else he shouldn’t, couldn’t identify.

Like the rising tide before a storm, the need to be inside her swept through him. For the first time in his life he reached for a condom in the nightstand, and cursed the need to shield himself from her heat, her slickness, and the clutch of her walls. More than anything he wanted to skip the barrier, but he would never do that to her. If this affair continued, and he was pretty damn sure it would, they would both be tested and she would have to get on the pill if she wasn’t already. He’d pay for everything, just to have the chance to feel her wrapped around him with nothing between them.

“On the bed, on your back.” He drew in a shaky breath, had she noticed? “Butt here, at the edge.”

“Yes, Sir.” She put action to his words and lay quietly in position with minimal fuss.

Her gaze, full of trust, tested his control. Pushed him to let loose and simply plow into her tight channel until he fucked them both into oblivion. But, he drew up tight on the reins, ignored the pull to be inside her in that instant and sank to his knees.

He flicked his tongue gently over the glossy folds of her pink pussy. Traced the ridges and valleys. Savored her taste yet again, and then sank into the source of all that goodness. She moaned above him, but held still for the moment.

He reached up and placed one of her legs over his shoulder, and left the other braced on the mattress. Desire to see her squirm pushed him toward her clit and when he found the nub, he licked, sucked, and nibbled with ruthless abandon. She gasped and her hips flexed. Yes, now he had her attention. She reached for his head and he stopped.

The dismay and confusion on her face fed his control and eased the need to be inside her, for now. “Ah. Ah. Ahha. I did not give you permission to touch me.” He waited until she nodded and let her hands drop back to the bed. “Hands in the bedspread if you need to hold on to something.”

“Yes, Sir.”

His cock ached, screamed with need. But, he ignored it reveling in the control. Enjoying the power to bring her as much pleasure as she could stand. He returned to licking her cunt, swiping over the bud and then delving back into her hole. God he loved tasting her. Driving her crazy any way he could. It was addictive. She was addictive.

He tortured them both for what seemed like an eternity, but was likely only another ten minutes or so and then his need to be inside her outstripped the need to make her squirm some more. He had driven her up near the peak three more times, only to pull back before she crested. At this point, she looked like she might tear him to shreds if he didn’t finish the job soon. And yet, she said nothing. Not a peep. What would it take to make her beg? He would dearly love to hear her beg for his cock.

With renewed restraint, and a singular purpose, he notched his cock at her opening and watched her eyes glow with promised ecstasy. And then he dragged the tip over her swollen, sensitive skin. She gasped as he made a pass near her clit but never actually touched it. Then he dropped down, dipped the barest tip of his shaft into her tight opening, before pulling away.

She moaned and tossed her head to the side.

He repeated the motion, glide over her folds, dip, retreat.

Another moan. A seriously fucking sexy moan.

Again. Only this time he lingered with the tip pressed against her, considered giving in to his own needs.


Ah. He did have her attention. “Yes, pet?”

Confusion, distress, need all flitted over her face, but annoyance caused her brow to crease. “Um, are you going to put it in?”

He hummed lazily as though considering his options. “I’m considering it.”

She huffed a little.

“Did you want me to,” he paused, “put it in?”

She pumped her hips slightly. “God, yes.”

His cock throbbed at the husky tone of her words. “Not God, me.”

He pulled back and hovered over her. Her breathing grew harsh with need. Then he repeated the whole path over her puffy flesh. And stopped pressed to her entrance. The pelvic muscles around his head flexed, greedily trying to suck him in.

“Sir, please?”

“Please what, pet? Please play with your clit? Please feed more cock into your hole? Or, please fuck you into the mattress until you can’t breathe for all the pleasure?” His voice sounded like gravel to his own ears, but he was so past caring about the appearance of control. Her plea had pushed him to his limit. He clung to his restraint by his fingernails.

She moaned at his dirty words, more a wail than anything. “Please, fuck me into the mattress. Please, sir!”

Her cries snapped his tether and he slammed into her tight hole. Jesus-fucking-Christ. How long had it been since she was last with someone? Her pussy clung to him like it was her first time, and yet he knew she was more experienced than that by her lack of a barrier, and her knowledge of dom/sub play. Pushing aside the perplexing ideas, he pulled out and pushed back inside her. After a few easy strokes he grabbed on to her hips and pistoned in and out of her pussy like a well-oiled machine.

“Sir,” she cried out as he pumped into her. Shit she felt so good. Hot and wet. Clingy and slick.

He reached down, flicked his finger over her clit and then pinched it. She exploded around him, bucked and cried out her pleasure as her body rippled and spasmed around his cock and sent him spiraling over the edge.

His balls tightened, his dick swelled, and all the blood rushed from his head to his groin. He shot his load into the latex covering and continued to slide in and out of her body. As his orgasm ebbed, he eased down over her body and fought off the urge to sleep.

A soft little sigh escaped her as her eyes closed and caused panic to rise in his chest.

How in the world could he get on a plane and simply head home tomorrow? How could he walk away from this woman and not claim her or his own? No fucking way.


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