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Fifteen days into the New Year and I am working hard on a blog tour for the release of To Eternity. Today you find me here and I am also a guest at http://sarawalterellwood.wordpress.com/ . Do stop by if you can. You can find other dates for my tour on my blog site http://amazon.com/author/daisybanks .
I’ve decided today to treat you to a little extract from one of the sexier scenes in To Eternity.

To Eternity

Naked, he lay down beside her, kissed her silken lips, and listened to her gentle breath in response. She lay languid in his embrace in a way he’d not seen before. He slid the pearl clip from her hair, then placed it on the bedside cabinet. Her gaze followed his every movement as he moved down the bed to smooth his fingertips over her feet, her ankles, and up to her knees. Silky hosiery. He smiled as he touched the warmth of her skin above the stockings, never tights. Should he leave them on? Or not? He moved his hands back down her leg, pleased by the little tremors in her muscles. “Sit up for a moment. I’d hate to spoil your gown.”
She complied.
With the care of a lady’s maid, he unclipped the corseted bodice. He slipped the dress from her shoulders down to her waist. All the time her gaze stayed on him. “Lie down now,” he said.
She lay back down and careful not to tug the delicate fabric he slid the gown from her.
Her underwear tonight, pearl white, accented with two tiny pink flowers, was so virginal, yet her nipples peeked from the half-cup bra, demanding his attention. He stroked his tongue in the valley between her breasts. Her small whimper encouraged him. Pushing the silky fabric down with his thumbs, he revealed the puckered areola and proud nipple of one breast. He unclipped her bra as he nuzzled closer to take it between his lips. Sian sighed as he caressed her smooth skin. He stroked her hip and thigh as he licked, sucked, and nibbled, awaiting her first moan of pleasure.
She pushed up to press harder against his fingers when he stroked the damp silk fabric of her panties.
“Oh, yes.”
He smiled at the needy whimper, then moved across to her other nipple. He took it into his mouth and sucked so hard she groaned.

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