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sssSotiaSo I started a new WIP. Hot shifter meets cute vamp, and they don’t exactly kick it off.

I’m having a blast writing it, and I wanted to share the first scene with you.

Here goes, and happy Sunday!


Chapter One


“—the fuck?” Grayon turned sharply to his right, and winced when his vision blurred. “Bron, you here? What happened?”

His brother gave no response, and Grayon searched his muddled brain for a thread of logic. The darkness around him held no threat—not that he ever felt threatened—but it was unfamiliar. Where was he? He sniffed the air, and let his wolf near the surface. The beast growled, always ready to take over, but Grayon suppressed it. He needed to use its senses, not give it free roam.

Pine and grass, and something dirty. Murky. Was it smoke?

A fire in The Forest? Why weren’t the were-crows spreading the word?

No fire. What invaded his senses was darker than that, and oily.

He looked around again, this time careful to avoid sudden movement. He was in the woods, but not The Forest. The canopy of trees hid the stars above, yet the call of the moon was different.

“Shit, not another dog. Are you starting a colony?” The husky female voice came from straight ahead, just a few feet away, but he all he could make out was a dark shape. To see better in the dark, he had to give the wolf more leeway, and that wouldn’t do until he’d assessed his situation.

He could still smell her, though, and he knew this scent. Kind of. Beneath a light fruity aroma, tang of magic was free from any animal scent. This could only mean one thing.

He was on the Earth plane.

The realization opened the floodgates for memories to come pouring in. He and Bron talking. About Candia. About how Bron loved her, and she returned his feelings. But she’d been promised to Grayon since birth.

Grayon’s head throbbed. His heart hurt. His body ached with the effort to keep the wolf down.

Chivalry had gotten him ousted. To Earth.

Where fucking vampires roamed.

Right on cue, the one in front of him took a step closer. Grayon jumped to his feet. The only vampires he knew had fought on his side, their kinds now allies. That had been back in his own plane, though. For all he knew, this bloodsucker was out for his blood.

“Chill out, pooch. I mean you no harm.” Her giggle grated his nerves.

“I’m not a dog, and I doubt you could hurt me, deadgirl.” He hunched his shoulders, lowering his body mass and preparing for a fight, if that was she sought.

He relaxed when she came close enough for him to actually see her. She barely came up to his shoulder, and had to weigh less than a were-fox in animal form.

His smirk was still forming on his lips, when she swept his legs from under him, and landed him on his ass. His head thunked on a tree root. “Ow!”

The vampire came to stand next to him. “See? I can totally hurt you.” She was even shorter than he’d thought, balancing her weight effortlessly on chunky six-inch heels. Tight black leather stretched over her generous curves, and the tips of her jet black hair were bright blue.

“What? You got a concussion now?” She nudged him with the toe of her lace-up boot.

Grayon growled, rolled to the side, and was back on his feet in no time, glad his head and sight were now clear. “Next time I’ll be ready, bloodsucker.”

It seemed as good a line as any for him to make his exit on. He made a show of turning his back to her, and hoped she couldn’t tell he had no clue where he was going. At least he had a plan. Once he’d put some distance between himself and the annoying female, he’d try to figure out exactly where the witch’s spell had landed him. He was pretty sure it’d be a terrible place. After all, the witch followed Xenon’s instructions, and Grayson wasn’t one of the pack leader’s favorite people these days.

“Like you know where you’re going.” The vampire’s voice came from ahead of him, and Grayon cursed under his breath. “I heard that,” the vampire said.

“Good. Now hear this too. Get the fuck away, or I’ll rip your head off.”


By the time he realized she was rushing him, he was on his ass again.

“You weren’t ready this time either,” she said, crossing her arms and looking down at him.

He stood and dusted the seat of his pants. “What the fuck?”

“You say that a lot.”

Okay, that was it! He called the wolf just enough for his night-vision to kick in. Didn’t hurt that he knew it made his eyes look big and yellow. Scary-fucking-eyes, Rex called them. Maybe they’d scare this vamp too.

They didn’t.

This is my Grayon


Don’t you just wanna read more? I know I wanna keep writing. Woot!