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Jocelyn DexHappy Friday!

Woot woot! I have a new release coming out February 9th. It’s an erotic paranormal romance with a fun cast of characters including: demons, a siren, a dog, a witch and others. Check out the blurb and excerpt below and if it sounds good to you, you can pre-order it here:

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00SF4PUSK

Title: Demon’s Bounty  *  Series: Hunting Hell



Tanner, a Venato demon who isn’t known for his social skills, hunts and kills rogue demons for The Network—a demon-run, demon hunting organization. While staking out a bar, he spots the hot-as-hell, golden-haired goddess. His body and mind instantly crave her like they’ve never craved another, but being all business, he resolves to finish the job first and take care of the searing lust later.

Lydie, a siren with less-than-stellar supernatural abilities, is looking for new purpose in life. She’s on her initiation assignment for The Network. When she spots the sexy, scowling patron across the bar, she burns for him and vows to sample his wares as soon as she secures her first bounty.

When Lydie undermines Tanner’s job, Tanner’s anger temporarily outweighs his need to consume her. But when he confronts her, sparks fly and passions soar out of control.


“Nice place,” he said as he accepted her offer to sit.

“Thanks.” She treated him to a dazzling smile that formed a lump in his throat. The urge to reach out and touch her golden hair and lick her pink lips deluged him. “Can I get you anything?”

Had he imagined the suggestiveness in her tone? Probably. As much as he wanted her, he was probably projecting his wants onto her. He cleared his throat and tried to keep from ogling her. “No thanks. The man you left with tonight, I need to know where you dropped him off.”

She leaned in a little closer, giving him a better view of her ample cleavage. “Hmm. Are you sure you wouldn’t like a drink?”

He needed to keep his cool, remain in character, but her nearness was driving him nuts. He couldn’t remember the last time a female had affected him so profoundly. She exuded an energy, a vibe, that made him want things he didn’t have a name for. “I’m sure. The man?”

“He isn’t a problem. Forget him.” She reached out and gave his thigh a little squeeze as if to accentuate her words.

His dick instantly hardened, and his thoughts muddied. What were they talking about? Rubbing his temples, he strained to remember. Oh yeah. The demon. His bounty for killing the demon. “Mi—Lydie,” he corrected, “it’s important you give me his location. He’s dangerous. You’re lucky you weren’t hurt.”

That magical laugh drifted through his mind again, compelling him, mellowing him. “He didn’t seem all that dangerous to me. And see”—she stood, did a twirl, and sat back down next to him, closer than before—“I’m all in one piece.”

Yeah, one exquisite piece she was. “You got lucky. Now where did you take him?”

“You have sexy eyes…officer.” She leaned forward as if to get a better look. “I’ve always preferred dark eyes on a male, and yours are the darkest I’ve ever seen.”

With her face so close to his, her sweet breath caressing his cheek, he barely fought back the desire to kiss her, ravage her. She affected him like no other. Her essence pulled at him, drew him in, but he had to fight it, just a little longer. When he got the information from her, he’d make quick work of killing the demon and delivering the body to D, and then he’d be back here to put out the fire that was obviously burning between them. “Thanks,” he choked out. “About the man…”

“There’s no man but you, here, right now,” she said. Her voice raised an octave, the most melodic sound he’d ever heard, the trickling lull of the wall fountain a perfect backdrop to the melody.

Brain feeling fuzzy, dick hardened to granite, he again fought to remember why he was there. “You, uh…” He couldn’t remember. All he knew, in this moment, was that a goddess sat next to him, and if he didn’t touch her soon, he’d die.

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