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Lilly Cain at Silken Sheets and Seduction BlogHello!

I’m well into my new book, whose title I have yet to decide. It’s dark and gritty and has three immortal lovers – a vampire woman wronged by her maker, a vampire man who’s been tortured for years both physically and emotionally, and a dragon shapeshifter bound to save them both and in so doing, save himself.

Wanna taste? Here’s a little steamy excerpt:

It had been years since she’d shown off her body to a group of men. Here as Drake’s captive she had no choice, except in whether she would allow herself to enjoy it. Evan was now a captive audience. She could remind him of what he’d forsaken. There had been no lie in his eyes all those years ago when he’d lusted after her. Now that he couldn’t have her, she could rub the loss in.

She could always kill him later.

Slowly, Justine raised her arms in the air. In her mind the steady beat of music throbbed, echoing the beat of Drake’s heart. His heart beat. He had blood, and he definitely had lust. Lots of lust—she could feel it defined for her now in his normally hidden emotions. He wanted her, wanted her to strut and preen in front of him, wanted her to show her sex to him in front of Evan. Maybe that was what he wanted, but it was making her hot, too. She reacted, sliding her hands over her breasts and down her body to catch the edge of her shirt. She thrust her hips, rolled them as she imagined Drake’s hands on her, his hands pulling her top up and over her head, exposing her knives and pistols and the white lace bra she wore underneath the cotton.

She turned, keeping her hips rocking in motion to the steady beat of Drake’s heart and stole a glance at him over her shoulder as she reached for the clasp on the first weapon harness.

“Keep those on,” Drake whispered the words as though he heard the hidden music as well, was listening to its dark rhythm as she danced for him and Evan.

Justine turned away and smiled to herself. She was getting to him, and to Evan. The vampire’s ragged breath was music to her ears. Want it, don’t you? She slid her fingers into the waistband of her white jeans, slipped the top button open. She bent at her waist, and ground her ass in the air, remembering Evan’s narrow hips pressed against her. He had a magnificent cock, long and thick with a curve that ensured he would rub her in all the right spots as he fucked her. Did Drake have a cock fit for a dragon?

Energy sang within her as she drank in the men’s rushing emotions. God, they wanted her. She sucked in the power and felt as heady with it as she did when she fed from the emotions at the strip club beneath her apartment. Sexual fulfillment gave off the most delicious of emotional energies, but lust was a very close second.

Straightening, Justine turned back to face Drake, and slowly unzipped her jeans. With delicate fingers she reached inside her pants past her panties to feel the slick coating of her pussy. Despite the insanity of the situation, she was enjoying herself. She brought her wet fingers to her nose, breathed in the scent. Evan uttered a low groan, but she ignored him. He could suffer. Drake was the one she wanted to impress. With exaggerated slowness, she pulled off one boot, and then the other.

She bent low, giving Drake a good look at the ample curves of her breasts cupped within the white lace of her bra. She had a damn good body, and becoming a vampire had simply made it stronger, faster and sleeker. She could have made a ton of money stripping now, but until tonight, she’d forgotten the true appeal of being watched. She ran her hands over her legs, arching her back until she stood again. She hooked her thumbs into the edge of her jeans and drew them down, pushing them past her knees and thrusting her ass once again in the air. Another low groan caught her attention and she glanced between the opening of her legs to see Evan’s rapt attention on the exposed white lace of her bikini underwear. She grinned to herself as she caught a glimpse of his hand creeping down to rub at a distinct bulge in his black jeans.

Twisting, Justine rose and stepped out of her bunched jeans. Heat from the nearby candles seemed to breeze over her skin like a breath of summer air. Drake’s eyes glinted red. Justine hesitated for a second. She could stop now. There was no way for her to hide anything she might have stolen—her under garments were practically see through, being made entirely of lace. She could stop, but she didn’t want to. Drakes eyes met hers, the question and desire in them very clear. He wanted to see more.

Justine reached behind her and unclasped the hooks on her bra. Holding the cups she worked the straps free from under her weapons harness. She danced briefly to the beat of Drake’s heart, its pace faster now than it had been earlier. She pinched her nipples, the sensation arrowing straight to her pussy. She gasped as a lick of flame danced in Drake’s eyes. No simple red color this time. He burned inside for her. She pulled her hands away from the cups of her bra, and let the light garment slide free. She dropped it to the ground.

With a little sway, she leaned to one side, balancing herself as she lifted one leg. If she’d had a pole to balance against she could have really shown the men something. For now she did a simple standing split. The plump lips of her pussy strained against the lace edges of her panties as she stretched. The feeling was heavenly—the men were on edge, their cocks thick and hard in the tight constrains of their pants, yet her sex, so wet and hot, could clearly been seen through the lace as she rocked her hips just enough to allow the seam to rub against her clit. She dropped her leg and let her hands roam, stroking her neck as she lowered her leg and rocked her hips, then touched the inner skin of her arms and the soft underside of her breasts.

“Justine, please stop,” Evan ground out.

“Why should I?” She slid her fingers along the back edge of her panties, cupped her ass cheeks through the lace as she bent, pulling her cheeks apart slightly to expose a trace of pink for his viewing pleasure.

“You are playing with fire.” Drake muttered.

What do you think? 😉