sssLeighAs I wrote new installments of my Dareville series, I wanted stories that could be read in any order. Some stories happen concurrently in the universe, so technically it doesn’t make a difference if you read this one first or that one last. For people who prefer order, I do have a spreadsheet with a suggested chronology, otherwise you’re welcome to read at your leisure. For the TL;DR crowd, basically you only need to read the following in order:

As for the rest, go wild.

Me, I pick up a book if it interests me. Sometimes I don’t realize it’s part of the series, especially if it’s written in a way that offers enough backstory on certain characters and events. Case in point, I read Dogwood Hill by Sherryl Woods recently – my first Woods novel, but it’s the twelfth story in her Chesapeake Shores series. I enjoyed it as it stood and didn’t feel I needed to go back and read eleven books to understand this one. I may go back and read another Chesapeake Shores book since I liked Dogwood; we’ll see if the TBR needs more additions.

Recently I enjoyed the eighth book of another romance series, having read it after I swore I was done with the stories. What happened was, I didn’t enjoy Books 6 or 7, but the publisher sent an ARC of 8. I read the back cover and it intrigued me, so I said okay, one last shot…and I’m glad I opened the book. It was a nice rebound from the disappointing story arcs of the last few novels.

Would I suggest to a reader interested in this series to read 1-5, then skip 6-7 and go to 8? No. My tastes are my own, and readers have enjoyed 6-7 as part of the series. Does get me wondering, are there series in which you would have preferred to jump around? Would you have skipped books, or read them later? Would you recommend a reader start at a specific book first?