sssSotiaI know people who adore Valentine’s Day, people who despise it (“because it’s nothing but a made-up holiday for chocolate companies to sell their old stock”), and some who pretend to be in the second category but are secretly in the first.

I don’t believe whether you enjoy it or not is relevant to how romantic you are. I, for example, love to be wooed, but truly believe the holiday is jinxed for MyLove and me.

I mean, I’d love nothing more than treat myself to sexy new lingerie, be taken out for a romantic meal, and then make sweet love in the candlelight or crazy sex out in the rain, but it’s not in the cards for us on this day.

In the past, when we tried to celebrate it, things were lost in places they shouldn’t have been lost–this story will one day find itself into one of my books–we were too broke to meet up (when he still lived abroad), one or both of us were down with the flu, or horrible pregnancy arthritis reared its ugly head.

This year we merely dared to go out for brunch with friends, and as soon as we got back, ToddlerO tripped and split his lip in several places. So yeah…the sexiness of the day is more or less ruined.

Oh, and my internet just went down.

So yeah, we pretend the day doesn’t exist. How about you? Anything fun or naughty you did to celebrate the day? if you’re in a long-term relationship, do you have a special tradition? Even better, any complete disaster of a date you’d like to share?

Come on, you know you wanna.