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New cover for Fiona's Wish

I know some of you are freezing cold and digging your way out of snow drifts, so I thought I might give you a little snippet of a story full of sun, sea and scrumptiousness. Click the image to buy.

Excerpt from Fiona’s Wish published by Lyrical Press, a Kensington Imprint.

Ronan lounged on the rocks. The late afternoon sunlight rebounded from the waves to dazzle him, and he glanced behind at the quartz veining the black cliff wall. He closed his eyes, enjoying the remnants of the day’s warmth before the sun hit the horizon and darkness fell.
A need coursed in his blood. A strange instinctive force had called him here from the depths.
Wind-driven waves had sped his swift journey, the pull of the tides had carried him closer and closer to his goal. This patch of coast and the dark cliff embracing a sandy bay proved his destination. Without effort he’d swum to shore earlier in the day to follow the tantalizing, unfamiliar lure. Here, the breeze rolled the answer to him. Resting now, basking in the warmth of the sun, an understanding of his compulsion came.
Female. The word teased like the softest sea foam, swelling in his thoughts.
This sweet revelation filled him with hope and made the shift to human form inevitable.
Conscious he’d a finite amount of time before he needed to return home, he’d twined the precious, silky, thin skein of his seal skin into a belt, which he’d knotted around his waist. No one would part him from it, no matter who they might be.
Satisfied he’d done all he could to ensure his safe return to the ocean, he’d rested and acclimatized himself to his new form. He smoothed his palms over his unfamiliar human skin, enjoyed the ripple of muscle beneath his hands then shook his hair back over his shoulders.
More than anything else in the sensual bewilderment which struck him in this strange transformation, his long, strongly muscled lower limbs and the heavy weight of what lay between them amazed him.
Despite his fascination with the man parts he’d grown, the salt tang on his lips reminded him he would either have to return to the sea or seek water fit for such a man.
But not yet. He’d lie on the warm rocks a while longer. A woman would appear. And she’d be his.
The crunch of steps on gravel a little way off caused a flash of warning but he shook it away. He’d nothing to fear in his man’s skin. Peering around the corner of the rock shelf to the wide expanse of the beach, he stared at the solitary figure sauntering across the sands. A snap of sensation crackled, raising gooseflesh on his skin. Here, lost in a sorrow he could feel, wandered his beguiling temptation. He’d found the cause and the answer to his need.

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