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Seven a.m. was too fucking early for a meeting. Even if they provided coffee and donuts. Adriana sat on one side of a conference table and stared at the scribbles on her notebook. The man on the monitor looked bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in unlike her. And, as he droned on about the technical specifications for Project Cobra, for the first time in her life she couldn’t have cared less about the details. She would have happily interrupted the discussion to ask if the device would work or not, but it required her to stop brooding about Lucas.

Lucas, who was getting on a plane to fly home across the country. Lucas, who had held her gently all night long as she slept. Lucas who had woken her before light had even dusted the horizon so she wouldn’t miss her meeting. Dear God, what was wrong with her? Not even her first Dom had so fully possessed her thoughts.

She sighed and dropped her pen before she started mindlessly doodling his name. Wouldn’t Mr. Darrington just love to find his CFO drawing hearts filled with the name of the CFO trying to take over their company? They had parted ways with a kiss and his promise that one way or another things would work out.

The talking head continued to ramble about circuits, bandwidth, and data speeds. Okay, time to pull up my big girl panties and act like a professional. Focus. Her phone buzzed, shimmying on the table. Desperate for any distraction she could find, she grabbed her phone to silence it. It was Lucas.

Did u make ur mtg on time?

She smiled. Yes. At the airport?

I am. But I wish I wasn’t.

She wasn’t sure what to say back. On one hand she wished they were still in bed. On the other, she recognized hiding in his hotel room wasn’t going to fix reality.

Already regretting last night?

No. Her response was instant. Just, not sure what’s next.

For now, it’s just between us. After the sale? We go public.

She knew it was the only way they could do this. No more sex. No more interactions until the deal went through or didn’t. Then they could figure out what it was between them. Just a couple months once a letter of intent was signed.

Agreed. She sent the single word, paused, and then typed again. I already miss you.

Miss you too. Now pay attention to your meeting.

Adriana set her phone down and checked back in to the meeting. By the time it was over she couldn’t wait to escape the conference room. Alone in her office she sat back and thought about how damn busy she was going to be for the next two weeks and then maybe the next two months. All depended on the shareholders.


Lucas stood perfectly still in the reception area of Darrington, Inc. It took every ounce of control he claimed to refrain from barreling past the receptionist to search out woman who had haunted his days and nights for two months. Two long, torturous months of occasional meetings where they had to pretend not to know each other so intimately. Two months of hard-ons with only himself to ease the ache. Two lonely months.

Now a one hour meeting where the final paperwork would be signed and the deal sealed.

Then she was his.

His hands flexed open, then fisted again.  He itched to feel her smooth skin beneath his fingertips. Ached to slide into her warm tight body. He was slowly going mad, and his father had noticed.

“Maybe after today you can finally relax.” Lucas Bowerton, Sr. was an imposing man, even in his early sixties.

“I’m as relaxed as can be expected in the face of the deal that will put us on the technological map.” He shrugged.

“You need to get laid son.” His father also lacked a filter.

“Father.” Lucas let the warning seep into his voice as the receptionist walked over to them.

“Gentlemen, they’re ready for you.” The slim brunette led their entourage down the hall and into a spacious board room. Since it was the same room they had used for every other meeting during the due diligence period, Lucas knew right where Adriana would be standing. He glanced over to the far corner and his stomach bottomed out. She wasn’t there. He pulled up short and scanned the room. Nothing.

“Wish that ray of sunshine was here like usual,” his father said.

The lecherous observation seriously tested his tenuous grip on his control. That was his woman. He wanted to beat his chest and howl that she belonged to him and him alone. And right now, he wanted—no, needed—to know where the hell she was. He sat down at the table and whipped his phone out.

You’re late. He his send on the text.

The conference room door swung open and his ray of sunshine breezed in. She refused to look at him, but a small smile danced on her lips as she took her seat.

“My apologies, gentlemen. But we had a last minute issue with Project Cobra that required my attention.”

His father leaned back in his chair and smiled broadly. “We’re glad to know you’re paying such close attention to Cobra. That’s a key reason we want Darrington.”

“We’re going to make you an even richer man than you are, Mr. Bowerton.” She knocked a stack of pages together on the table and then sat back.

Lucas recognized the frustration lurking in her pretty green eyes. She’d fought hard to avoid the buyout, he watched every maneuver she pulled to thwart them. But, in the end, the shareholders did not have the same faith in Project Cobra Bowerton International did.

“Yes you are, but more importantly we’re going to do great things together.” His father poured a cup of coffee from the carafe on the table and took a sip of the unsweetened, bitter brew.

She looked a bit surprised by his statement. Lucas had tried to tell her that first time they met. His father intended to absorb her along with a few other key executives into his ranks. Not everyone would be jettisoned.

“That remains to be seen. Not many companies have two CFOs. At least, not for long.” She arched a sculpted brow and turned her fierce green gaze toward him.

“You’ve seen the staffing plans, Ms. Leighton. I’ll be transitioning out of Bowerton to run one of our other holdings.” Lucas tried not to growl at her. Other than their one night of intense sex they had not communicated outside of a professional capacity for two months. It shouldn’t surprise him that she still doubted what she had learned during their meetings. This was an unusual situation.

“Are we ready to begin?” One of the stuffy lawyers shutdown any further discussion. Everyone agreed and the meeting commenced.

One hour later with the ink wet on the papers, he and his father left Darrington to go celebrate an excellent purchase. Besides, he had a few hours to kill before he could take possession of the best part of the deal. Adriana.

His phone vibrated in his pocket as they climbed into the limo. He pulled it out and saw her name on the screen.

You won.

He shrugged. Wasn’t a contest. Everyone won.

A few moments passed. Why are you leaving the company?

Been looking for a new CFO. Bowerton was a stop before I took over as CEO of BoCode.

Why me?

Because you’re an amazing CFO. It was why he’d wanted to meet her in person before Due Diligence started. He needed to know if what looked good on paper matched up in reality. He had no clue how attracted to her he would be.

And where do we fit in?

Naked. My hotel room in two hours…I hope.

You know what I mean.

He did. But he worried about rushing her. I do. You sure you want the truth?

Yes, Sir.

His dick got hard as he imagined her kneeling before him again and uttering those two delicious words. You’re mine. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

His father sat next to him yapping on the phone to one of his cronies. All the while, Lucas waited for the most important text of his life. A thousand times more important than the deal they just inked. Time drew out and he grew nervous he’d said too much. Maybe she was packing her bags and running for the hills right that moment.

Please, Sir.

Satisfaction flooded his tense muscles and he released the breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. My hotel room. Two hours. Not a minute more.

Yes, Sir.

Lucas smiled. Due diligence paid off.

The End

I hope you’ve enjoyed this serial story. I sure had fun writing it for you! Very soon I will likely clean it up, do some editing, maybe flesh some of the story out and put out there for sale. Did you like the story? Leave me a comment! Want to read more by me? You can find my books at Amazon and other etailers and you can join my newsletter to get the latest news on new releases.